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About Dr. mahboubirad Farshid mahboubi rad specialist in ear, nose and throat Dr. Who allocated most of his activities in the field of rhinoplasty and face, spent his general Medical courses at the Shahid Beheshti University Graduated in13 81 and since 85 to 89 has spent expertise times in the field of ear, nose and throat in Amir Alam hospital and Imam Khomeini Hospita | nose surgery
21 Oct

Functional Nose Surgery

Functional Nose Surgery ( rhinoplasty ) Functional Nose Surgery : Functional nose job is a branch of nose surgery. Nose job or rhinoplasty is an operation in group of plastic surgery that change and improve nasal problem, weather astatically or functionally. There are different types of rhinoplasty such as: cosmetic nose surgery, functional nose job, […]

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14 Oct

What are Side Effects of Nose Surgery

What are Side Effects of Nose Surgery? Definition of Nose Surgery What are Side Effects of Nose Surgery:¬†¬†Nose surgery is one of the plastic surgeries that sculpts and reshapes the structure of the nose. Although, aesthetic is appealing and the shape of the nose has effective impact on your beauty, but your health is more […]

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09 Oct

Nasal Polyp Removal Surgery

Nasal Polyp Removal Surgery Nasal Polyp Removal Surgery : Nasal polyps are common in almost 5% of people. If nose polyps diagnose by doctor, patients treats with medicines and sometimes a polyp removal surgery is necessary. This article give you more information about nasal polyps and express treatments for this issue. Definition of Nasal Polyp […]

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16 Sep

Tip Rhinoplasty

Tip Rhinoplasty ( nose surgery ) Noses are outstanding facial element and are really important organ for body processes such as breathing, tasting and even help our hearing. A tip rhinoplasty is a kind of nose surgery, which operates only on tip of the nose. In this plastic surgery, surgeon just focuses on cartilage in […]

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12 Sep

Thick Skin Rhinoplasty

Thick Skin Rhinoplasty ( nose surgery ) Thick Skin Rhinoplasty Everybody has different facial features and unique characteristics. When we are talking about rhinoplasty, nasal features affect on outcome of the rhinoplasty surgery, and these aspects make a big difference in hot complicated the nose surgery will be. Rhinoplasty is one of the most common […]

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06 Sep

Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty ( nose surgery ) What is a Revision Rhinoplasty Not everybody is always satisfied with the outcome of their nasal surgery. In some cases, they may even lose their self confidence more than before. If you did not achieve desired final result, you can meet a revision surgery or secondary Rhinoplasty . Revision […]

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29 Aug

Cosmetic Nose Surgery

Cosmetic Nose Surgery ( Rhinoplasty ) Cosmetic nose surgery or rhinoplasty is a kind of surgery that can enhance the appearance of your nose, improve proportion and harmony of your nose and strongly affects on your self-confidence. It can also solve breathing disorders. Generally cosmetic nose surgery changes everything related to your nose such as […]

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20 Aug

After Rhinoplasty and doing exercises

After Rhinoplasty and doing exercises ( nose surgery ) After Rhinoplasty and doing exercises : Most people who want to have rhinoplasty are not aware of the points like doing exercises after nose surgery and the things that they should considered about them. so in this article we want to explain about doing exercises after […]

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