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18 Jun

Deviated nose and Rhinoplasty of it

Deviated nose and Rhinoplasty of it Symmetric nose which is in middle of face increases beauty of face and when it is in consistent with other parts of face it makes cheeks, lips and eyes have better look. Deviated nose can attract attention of others in first look, so beauty of face and parts of […]

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13 Jun

Rhinoplasty of meaty noses

Rhinoplasty of meaty noses ( nose surgery ) First of all a brief explanation about meaty nose and Rhinoplasty of meaty nose are presented. Thick skin and weak cartilages is a simple definition for meaty nose. The reason for having thick skin is that there is too much sebaceous gland in beneath layer of skin […]

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06 Jun


Rhinoplasty Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is a kind of surgery that its purpose is to reshape the nose and makes it look beautiful but in this surgery apart from beautification of nose its normal function should be preserved. Before having nose surgery: Do not eat anything and two weeks before your operation avoid smoking. Also […]

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