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nose surgerynose surgery

Nose Surgery

Nose SurgeryPlastic surgery ( Nose Surgery) is one of the most publicized surgeries in face that has been usual in the world, specially in our country. By development of the science, there are few noses that can’t be better with surgery or be changed. Who are the best candidates for nose surgery? Are they just people who have observable problems? People who have asymmetrical nose, for example deflection or hunch  of nose or people who have meaty nose that tip of their nose is inform, has more thicker nose skin. People who have indirect nose are good candidates for nose surgery too. Maybe it’s because of congenital problem or flap. Priority for nose surgery is for people who have breathing problems and their life became hard second people who have exterior problem that decreases their confidence. The suitable qualification for surgery is the health of body and ment that helps them to have shorter time of convalescence. People who want to have nose surgery should accept their surgery and they shouldn’t be valetudinary.which age is the best age fore nose surgery? We should say that it’s different among girls and boys. Boys at age 17 and girls at age of 16 can have nose surgery that they can do it even in lower old people we can see surgeries till 60as for of their health. The material and kind of nose have much impression in result. People with thinner skin have better result of thicker skins. If you want to know that what kind of nose you have you can return to a surgeon

Choosing nose surgeon

Nose surgery is one important happen in each person’s life specially among young people. They should choose good surgeons and search a lot. Because of the multiplicity of surgeons you may confuse and ask yourself who is better? There are many ways for choosing best surgeon that we tell you! Good surgeon should have the high knowledge and should be artist to make good nose for you. Nose surgery moreover that make your nose pretty, should help your nose to do its duty well.

Meaty nose surgery

Many people think that just boney noses can be better and they think nose surgery for meaty noses is not good or even is bad. Surgeon’s answers to this kind of people that don’t be worry and keep calm and be sure that it doesn’t have any problem and they can have a good nose surgery too.
Just you need a connoisseur surgeon.  Your surgeon should know this point that proportion of nose and other parts of your face is very important and among meat noses if they are very small or have a big arc in the feature they face breathing problems.
The skin of meaty noses because of many lipoma especially in tip of nose is thick. This kind of nose unlike thick skins has weak cartilages that easily go up and down by pressing it. Because of this weak structure they think that they can’t have a good surgery. What is the solution for this problem? In this kinds of surgery for making it in a good shape surgeons make the size of nose smaller and after that dislocate cartilages. By this techniqs they amplify cartilages. After these kinds of surgeries your nose surgeon tells you that you should have agglutinate on your nose for a long time.

Bony nose surgery

Bony noses have a structure like pyramids. These kinds of noses within meaty noses have thin skins. Because of this kind of skin they are more flexible than meaty noses.
Thereupon the surgeon can have more movements and as usual you can have a better result of this kind of nose surgery. A good surgeon can solve all problems of bony nose by surgery. Totally nose has much effect in face and a good nose can make you prettier. Sideling noses and humpy noses and Roman noses are in group of bony noses. In bone nose surgeries the most emphasis is on bridge. Entirely bony nose surgery depends on kind of skin and amount of the flexibility. By Rhinoplasty surgeons raise nose skin and all movements are on bones and cartilage. Depends on kind of nose we have increasing or decreasing of cartilage. The measure
Of tension of skin is important meaty nose has a lower tension skin and doesn’t have a good answer to surgery.  By these recommendations if you have meaty nose search for a good surgeon. The quantity of patient face is very important may be after nose surgery they need other surgeries to be satisfied.

The reason of bony nose foundation

One the reasons of have a high self-confidence are beauty. Nose has been located in the center of the face and is one the most important factor of being pretty. People who have deflection or hunch like people who have meaty and big nose (because of inheritance and genetic problems are suffering from this problem.
One of the reasons of having bony nose is the excess growth of nose or may beits because of flap that happened in childhood or adolescence.

Methods of nose surgery

We have two methods
•  Open nose surgery
•  Close nose surgery
Some surgeons prefer open surgery but some of them prefer close surgeries. Entirely the result of the surgery is more important for surgeon and patient both.
Choosing the first method is for people who have deflection or their nose is indirect or people who want to do surgery for second time or people who lose their natural nose in an accident.
The specific difference between open and close method is that open surgeries have one more sectorial that is between two holes of the nose. This cut lets surgeon to raise nose skin and see all parts of the nose such as bones and cartilages and soft tissues and the surgery is direct and there is no reason to be worry about the place of stitch because there is no sign of stitch. But the advantage of close surgery is that it will take long a quarter of hour that is very sooner than open surgeries on the other hand in close surgery we don’t have the sectorial between holes of nose and all  sectorial are  inside of nose and they won’t be seen from outside.
In open surgeries gray skin and swelling of surgery are lower.

Advantages of nose surgery by close method
Sort period of surgery
It doesn’t have sectorial between two holes of nose
Decrement of livid and swelling in nose surgery with close method

Nose Surgery

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Nose Surgery