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Application of Lazar in Rhinoplasty

Application of Lazar in Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is one of the most common surgeries in Iran. Some people for removing breathing problems decide to have Rhinoplasty while some other people want to have nose surgery just to reshape their nose and improve their facial look. Beauty nose surgery has different forms that one of them is use of Lazar in Rhinoplasty.( Application of Lazar in Rhinoplasty )Application of Lazar in Rhinoplasty

The most application of Lazar in Rhinoplasty is for treatment of skin of nose and it cannot use for treatment of meaty or deviated nose. Actually nose surgery with Lazar is used for cure of Acnes that are appeared on nose in adulthood and also can be used for making skin of nose be thicker.

In nose surgery with lazar it is impossible to cut bone of nose or remove additional flesh of nose and application of lazar in Rhinoplasty is so limited.

For use of Lazar in Rhinoplasty first in first session, nose surgeon after needed examination determines that whether patient nose skin is suitable for treatment or not. This method of Rhinoplasty takes shorter time and it is without bleeding. It is just a cut that the intended location on nose is prepared through local sedation and with use of Lazar one layer of skin is removed and heat is received to that location. The upper layer of skin is burnt to some extent and by passing time the burnt skin cells are separated from skin flaky and replace with new skin cells .in time of healing the skin you should be careful that for washing your skin do not use every product and only you can use soft soaps for washing and disinfection of your skin. ( Application of Lazar in Rhinoplasty )

People who have psychological problems , have blood coagulation problems ,have diabetic problems , suffer from cancer , tan their skin or in puberty age cannot make use of this method of  Rhinoplasty . Actually nose surgery with Lazar is a kind of plastic surgery of skin.( Application of Lazar in Rhinoplasty )

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    Good day. Can the lazar nose reshaping be done in the UK.
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