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About Dr. mahboubirad Farshid mahboubi rad specialist in ear, nose and throat Dr. Who allocated most of his activities in the field of rhinoplasty and face, spent his general Medical courses at the Shahid Beheshti University Graduated in13 81 and since 85 to 89 has spent expertise times in the field of ear, nose and throat in Amir Alam hospital and Imam Khomeini Hospita | nose surgery
27 Jan

Fantasy nose surgery

Fantasy nose surgery How is rhinoplasty or dolls fantasy? There are about rhinoplasty ( Fantasy nose surgery ) and face international standards. In other words, closer to universal standards of beauty culture of mass media also has state of the universe By analyzing the standard of beauty for most people is obtained. About rhinoplasty this […]

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26 Jan

Nasal bone fracture and surgery

Nasal bone fracture and surgery Nasal fractures, the most common defects in the face. Due to the high frequency of patients referred to the clinics always have questions about how to recognize it and whether it is always in need of an x-ray?  How are the time of setting and the method of setting? What […]

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25 Jan

The difference between bony and meaty nose

The difference between bony and meaty nose Human’s nose has three layers Externallining bony cartilaginous skeleton inner lining The layer that is Skeletal and has been located on the top of nose ends to cartilages of tip of nose.( The difference between bony and meaty nose ) In the lower part of the nose cartilage […]

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23 Jan

Nose Plastic Surgery

Nose plastic surgery Advantages of nose surgery by close method Sort period of surgery It doesn’t have sectorial between two holes of nose Decrement of livid and swelling in Nose Plastic Surgery with close method   Advantages of nose surgery by open method The surgeon is allowed to maneuver on your nose and it’s because […]

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