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About doctormahboubirad

About Dr. mahboubirad Farshid mahboubi rad specialist in ear, nose and throat Dr. Who allocated most of his activities in the field of rhinoplasty and face, spent his general Medical courses at the Shahid Beheshti University Graduated in13 81 and since 85 to 89 has spent expertise times in the field of ear, nose and throat in Amir Alam hospital and Imam Khomeini Hospita | nose surgery
10 Feb

The impact on the sense of smell in nose surgery

The impact on the sense of smell in nose surgery Waking up and feeling the smell of coffee at home is one of the best things in the morning if you decide to have taken a nose surgery¬†, may be concerned about the impact on your sense of smell And anxiety that go under the […]

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08 Feb

Bathe after nose surgery

Bathe after nose surgery One of the issues and frequently asked questions, how accurate is bathing after rhinoplasty surgery.( Bathe after nose surgery ) After nose surgery on the nose plaster or splint with nasal dressing glue should be fixing. This should be a week on the nose. If the bandage gets wet, there is […]

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07 Feb

Deviated septum surgery

Deviated septum surgery What is a deviated septum? Nose surgery to correct unblocking the nose and nasal breathing is being fed in the middle of the action septoplasty (surgery deviated septum). Partition or blade which in rhinoplasty, the nose is divided into two parts in the front is made of cartilage and from back is […]

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06 Feb

diet after nose surgery

Should and shouldn’t of diet after nose surgery A few hours after nose surgery. ( diet after nose surgery )¬† Approximately 4-6 hours after nose surgery should not be eaten nothing because during this period because traces of anesthetic nausea and vomiting are likely to start with the first liquid diet is cold and preferably […]

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05 Feb

after nose surgery

What should you do after nose surgery Care after surgery Training after surgery for patients A) Introduction Please read the instructions before and after surgery is expected to become familiar with them, to have the best result by following them. If you have questions came up after nose surgery that what to do? Call me […]

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04 Feb

Nose surgery during pregnancy

Nose surgery during pregnancy Is nose surgery during pregnancy possible? 1 Surgery during pregnancy.2 Nose surgery after delivery.3 Pregnant after nose surgery.4 Is nose surgery during pregnancy possible? Most women referred to rhinoplasty surgery have questions about pregnancy after surgery. How long after birth can do nose surgery? And do during pregnancy can also perform […]

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03 Feb

Measures in the first week after nose surgery

Measures in the first week after nose surgery The measures after rhinoplasty ( nose surgery ) surgery is required to be done by you or surgeons in this article I will explain briefly ( Measures in the first week after nose surgery ) Observe the following causes of action, improve recovering quickly and well in […]

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01 Feb

Choose a nose surgeon

Choose a nose surgeon Nose surgery is a very important event in every person who is a candidate for nose surgery, especially in young people, in the right nasal surgery should be more research. Because it is one of the important steps that have a direct impact on the face . ( Choose a nose […]

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31 Jan

Nose surgery like a photograph

Nose surgery like a photograph Doctor; I want my nose be like this photo. Doctor I’d like my rhinoplasty be a particular photo ( Nose surgery like a photograph ) The number of visitors to my beauty office brings photos of famous people or brings art craft and insist that their nose after rhinoplasty be […]

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30 Jan

Confidence with Rhinoplasty

Confidence with Rhinoplasty Is rhinoplasty can improve a person’s mental condition? Rhinoplasty has a great impact on the psychological state of each person.( Confidence with Rhinoplasty ) Many people postoperative continue to live with more confidence and be more successful in dealing with problems. A large number of people seeking rhinoplasty are the following reasons: […]

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