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Bathe after nose surgery

Bathe after nose surgery

One of the issues and frequently asked questions, how accurate is bathing after rhinoplasty surgery.( Bathe after nose surgery )

After nose surgery on the nose plaster or splint with nasal dressing glue should be fixing. Bathe after nose surgeryThis should be a week on the nose. If the bandage gets wet, there is the possibility of falling off and that it makes the nose affect the outcome of the nose surgery . On the other hand getting wet under the plaster skin cause itching and irritation of the nose, which may be annoying for the person.

For these reasons it is better not soaked bandage on the nose, especially in the first week In other words, it is better in the first week be less prone to getting wet.

For this reason, it is recommended that patients bathe the day before surgery that two days after surgery doesn’t have need of bathing. This is because no wet gauze on the nose  And also because in the first few days after surgery, likely due to the anesthetic drugs in the body, a person while bathing slip So one shouldn’t be alone in the bathroom and should have compeer.

In the first week right way in bathing is that at first body to be washed by the neck and then while sitting on a chair with his head slightly tilted back and the head and the hair is rinsed by other person, in the end, washing face.

It is better to use the telephone shower and avoid the shower ceiling direct exposure you can also use the tub for washing the body. Bathing should be done with lukewarm water.

On the seventh day after nose surgery , before visiting your surgeon for removing plaster takes a bath even the wound dressing can be wet because removing can be easier.

During the taping is better during bathing the nose don’t be wet. In case of wet glue adhesive while bathing you can dry your nose by Hairdryer. It is better before visiting the doctor to remove the glue, take a bath.  Do it such remove the glue in the bathroom and wash the nose by detergents to remove fat on the nose and then dry it.

The important thing is that after the bath gum the nose as soon as possible or visit nose surgeon for it because after a few hours nose becomes swollen.

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