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Best candidates for Rhinoplasty

Best candidates for Rhinoplasty

A person who has severe problem in her or his nose whether from beauty or functional aspect can have nose surgery. Bigness, deflection or hump of nose are the problems that sometimes others by seeing these problems make fun of that person. ( Best candidates for Rhinoplasty )

One of the common questions that many people ask from their nose surgeon is that do I Best candidates for Rhinoplastyneed to have Rhinoplasty or not? For answering this question we have to pay attention to this point that basically philosophy of beauty surgeries is different from other treatment surgeries. For example maybe a person suffers from a severe deflection in septum of his nose and it makes he cannot breathe properly. In this case nose surgeon suggests to him in order to prevent his sinus become infected repeatedly, he should have nose surgery. In another case imagine a person who has nose deflection and no problem in breathing. In this case this person is not needed to have nose surgery from medical aspect. If the second person asks this question that do I need to have Rhinoplasty, for answering to his question other aspects should be considered. To make the issue clear imagine a person who has a big nose. Does a big nose make any problem for his or her health? It is clear that because there is no medical problem, the nose surgeon cannot say that nose surgery is needed. ( Best candidates for Rhinoplasty )

Now we know this issue from medical aspect, and should understand it from other aspects too. It is possible that the person means whether my nose is normal from aesthetic aspect or not. In other words he or she asks does my nose look beautiful or not.

For answering this question we have to consider different dimensions.

  • The first dimension is that whether the nose has beauty problems like deflection, too much bigness, severe inform tip of nose etc….or not.
  • Another dimension is that whether beauty problems have any effect on the person`s self confidence and make problems for the person in his or her daily life and work or not.
  • One other important dimension is that we have to be sure the person does not have any psychological problems or personality disorders. Because in some personality disorders like narcissists, perfectionists or obsessive doing beauty operations are like disaster.
  • Sometimes a person because of impacts of others and competing with them decides to have beauty surgery. In this case the surgery does not useful.

Any way by considering different factors, the person and nose surgeon should come to this conclusion that, nose surgery can be useful and increases person`s life quality. In this way the operation will have satisfactory results and the patient will have good feeling to have it.

Who are the best candidates for nose surgery?

In short, people who have severe beauty or functional problems can have this operation. a person who has deflected nose , has hunch or his or her nose is big in a way that others make fun of him or her are suitable cases for nose surgery There are some people who lose their confidence because of beauty problems and they cannot do their social activities . Nose operation is useful for them. In contrast for the people who have normal nose or their nose have a tiny and detailed beauty problems, nose surgery is not recommended.


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