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Best Nose Surgeon in Tehran

Best Nose Surgeon in Tehran

Best Nose Surgeon in Tehran: Nose surgery or rhinoplasty is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, people looking for nose surgery seek the best nose surgeon.

Choosing the best nose surgeon in major cities such as Tehran is very difficult and causing questions like who is the best nose surgeon in Tehran?

Who is the best meaty nose surgeon in Tehran?

How to choose a good nose surgeon in Tehran?

What are the characteristics of a good nose surgeon?

In this article, we are going to answer your questions and the best nose surgeon in Tehran.




How to choose the best nose surgeon is as follow:

  • To choose a good nose surgeon, it’s best to first ask your friends and relatives, and you can also search Google for the best nose surgeon.
  •     After choosing a surgeon, look at his work history and education and go to his office for advice.
  •     In the counseling session, tell your expectations of nose job to surgeon, your nose surgery so that he can guide you well.
  •     View your nasal surgeon portfolio to make sure that your choice is correct.
  •     To view Dr Farshid Mahboubirad portfolio, you can visit the Instagram page and see the gallery of his website.
  •     Talk to patients who are in the doctor’s office and ask for their satisfaction with rhinoplasty.

The features of a good nose surgeon are as follows:

  • A good nose surgeon should be aware of the principles of math.
  •      The best nose surgeon should have the ability to visualize in order to offer the best nose model according to the individual’s face.
  •      Provide enough time for patient examination and counseling.
  •      Make patient health a top priority and not merely thinking about your own personal interests.
  •      Patiently, he will explain to you all the points about pre and post-surgery care.
  •      If the person who refer for unreasonable expectation, the doctor must try to persuade their patients and avoids their nose surgery if they are not convinced.

At the beginning of the article, we talked about choosing the best nose surgeon in Tehran, and its features, and in the remainder of this article, we would like to discuss nasal surgery.

Nose Surgery

Those who go for aesthetic nose surgery will be examined by the surgeon to determine the nose type is, in order to offer the best model to them.

The nose is divided into two types of meaty nose and bony nose based on the thickness of the skin and the strength of the bone.

Bony nose is said to have thin skin and strong bone and cartilage, those with this type of nose can perform fancy, semi-fancy, natural, and so on models in bone nose surgery, and have the best results.

Meaty nose is said to have a thick skin and a thin bone, and this type of nose has a lot of fat glands around the nose blades, those with this type of nose are usually offered to have a natural nose surgery. They choose the natural nasal model to get the best result.

How much does the rhinoplasty cost?

The cost of cosmetic nose surgery is determined by the wages of the best nose surgeon, the cost of the hospital and its personnel, the cost of medications and tests, and so on.

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