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Best Nose Surgeon

Best Nose Surgeon

Choosing the best nose surgeon is one of the most important things that can make a lot of difference in nasal surgery and its outcome. Stay with us to give you some information about this topic.

Because of the increasing number of candidate for doing this cosmetic surgery, many people claim to be a surgeon, so choosing a good and experienced nose surgeon is really hard and overwhelming.

But in this article and in the next few articles, we are going to help you easily choose the best nose surgeon.

Nose Surgery

Nose hump, nose congestion, nose deformity and etc, are the reasons that people decide to nose surgery to resolve and correct facial features.

Due to the difference in skin type and nasal cartilage, the results of nasal surgeries are individually different. For this reason, it is better to consult a surgeon before starting a rhinoplasty.

Preoperative nose surgery

  • Study about nose surgery first.
  • Ask your friends and acquaintances about the best nose surgeon.
  • View the nasal surgeon’s sample.
  • Talk to doctor staffs.
  • Ask information about nasal surgery and the outcome of patients who are present at the clinic or at the surgeon’s office.

Counseling before nose surgery

In this session, your face and nose will analyze by the surgeon, because the nose and facial coordination are very important, and the so-called face and nose should be compatible.




Pre-surgery photographs are done by the surgeon for this purpose. Inner nose examination, respiratory examination, and in many cases sinus scans, are essential for preoperative examination.

 You can help your nose surgeon about choosing the technique and method of surgery by expressing your goals and desires.

In some cases, people with meaty nose expect the result of a bony rhinoplasty, this session will allow them to obtain enough information about the type and the outcome of their nasal surgeries, and with more open vision and more information determine the outcome of this operation.

Types of nose

The nose is divided into two groups of the bony nose and meaty nose, according to its characteristics.

Bony Nose

Bony nose is said to have a thin skin and hard bone and cartilage, those with this type of nose can choose a natural or fantasy nose model, half fancy and so on according to the anatomy of the face and achieved the best result.

Meaty Nose

This type of nose has a thick skin and a weak skeleton, as well a broad nose has a wide tip and large fat glands around.

Those who want to perform a meaty nose surgery, it is better to select natural nose shape to get the ideal result of the nasal surgery.

How Much is the Cost of Nose Surgery

The price of nose surgery is determined by the wages of the best nose surgeon, the cost of the hospital and its personnel, the cost of the anesthetist, the cost of medications and tests, and so on.

Note that referring to any nasal surgeon only for lower cost has some consequences, so initially investigate about the best nose surgeon then decide for this operation, because after your nose surgery, you may not be happy with the outcome, therefore you have to do revision nose surgery.

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