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Broken nose surgery

Broken nose surgery

In some cases, people undergo a change in the middle blade of the nose for a variety of reasons, rupture of the mucus and bleeding, in which case they should refer to the nasal surgeon to resolve the problems with broken nose surgery.

People may experience fractures due to an accident, fall, martial arts, and so on; this is more common in men than in women.

Note that there is an urgent need to refer to the ENT specialist in case of hitting to the nose because blood may accumulate below the nasal mucous and need to be drained.

It will also get better results by on-time referring for treatment of nasal fracture treatment.

What problems does the nasal fracture cause?

  • Causing deviation of the nose.
  • Causing cracking of nasal bone.
  • Causing bleeding, cartilage rupture, and nasal asymmetry.
  • There is swelling and bruising around the nose so that the person feels pain by touching that area.



How is broken nose surgery?

If the patient does not go on time for treatment, the nasal bones are welded incorrectly, and then the only way to treat a broken nose surgery is.

In order to perform broken nose surgery, nose surgeon chooses one of open nose surgery or closed nose surgery according to her or her skill and proficiency.

In open nose surgery, the nose surgeon creates a small incision on the Columella, and then removes the skin from the nasal skeletal, then changes on the nose.

In open nasal surgery, nose surgeons have a better view to resolving the problems in the nose, and the likelihood of asymmetric nose occurrence is very low.

But in closed nose surgery, no shear is done on the Columella, and all the cuts are inside the nose.

What is the care after broken nose surgery?

  • Use an ice compress to help reduce swelling and bruising after broken nose surgery.
  • Stay away from going to crowded places that can hit the nose for a while.
  • Take the medications that the best nose surgeon has prescribed for you.
  • Within two weeks after the broken nose surgery, the patient avoids taking drugs that dilute blood, alcohol and smoking.
  • Refrain from doing heavy sports activities for a while.
  • For some time, do not eat hard foods that need to chew.
  • For more information on post-surgery care, see the comprehensive article that is available on the site.

How much does the broken nose surgery cost?

The cost of fractured nose surgery is determined by the nose surgeon’s wages, the number of problems in the nose, the cost of the hospital and its personnel, the cost of medications, the cost of photographs and trials, and so on.

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