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Cares after nose surgery

Cares after nose surgery

Please read the following points and after nose surgery (plastic operation) does all of them in order to see the best result from your nose surgery. It is suggested to have this list and from the day after nose surgery do all of them. (Cares after nose surgery )

If the following symptoms appear to you, quickly inform your surgeon by his or her secretary:

The nose is bleeding in a way that the blood is light and does not contain bloody fluid.

Fever higher than 38/5 CCares after nose surgery

Constant nausea and vomiting



Severe pain in nose


High heart beat or fast breathing

A lot of small acnes on the skin of body

  • For 7 days after nose surgery, in rest time hold your head upper than your body with one or two pillows.
  • 72 hours after nose surgery, put an ice compressor on cheeks, around eyes and on the splint (plaster) of the nose. Do not press the compressor on the splint of nose. after 3 days, swell of the nose and face increase up to its maximum and this is normal.
  • After nose surgery, if you have pain, you can take pain killer (acetaminophen 500 every 4 to 6 hours).

Do not use acetaminophen and alcohol at the same time

If you do not have pain, do not take pain killer.

  • If you have stress or anxiety, for 24 or 48 hours take xanax 0/5 every 8 hours. Do not take any other Hypnotics with xanax.
  • In the day of surgery, after 4 hours from operation, you can drink liquids and eat watery food. One day after nose surgery you can eat usual food but for two weeks avoid eating food like carrot, apple and corn that need the extreme movement of jaw.
  • Maybe 2 or 3 days after surgery, you have bloody fluid discharges which is normal .change the under bandage of nose with a Sterile gas. Of course, light blood is important and you have to care about it as an important issue. Do not touch your nose and do not touch the stitch with Kleenex that is not sterile. When discharges finish it is possible not to use under bandage of nose.
  • For preventing bleeding, for 3 weeks after nose surgery does not blow your nose. Try not to sneeze but if you have to sneeze, do it while your mouth is open.
  • 7 days after nose surgery that you have splint on your nose you can wash your head like the way in beauty salon that your splint should not become wet. In other words, another person washes your hair from back of you.

·You can wash and clean the stitches with an ear cleaner that mixed with a washing serum (or Hydrogen Peroxide) and then put Mopirosin or Jentamaysin ointment on them. You can use the ear cleaner which mixed with Jentamaysin in to your nose briefly.·        For 4 weeks after surgery, be careful your nose does not hit.For 6 months do not expose to severe sunlight.· After one week from surgery, Splint of the nose is removed.·Sometimes tip of nose or front teeth have less sensation, after about two months this problem will be solved.·Tampon is not used. But it is possible to use small bandage inside the nose that they removed one day after surgery. After that it is suggested to use Normal Sallin spray or drops in order to moist inside of nose. For 3 weeks do not blow your nose. If it is necessary, you can clean the nose with a sterile gas. You can change the front bandage (sterile gas) of your nose when the discharges finish. Blowing the nose leads to separation of stitches or possibly tears inside mucous of nose. · Splint of nose should be used at least one week after surgery. Do not touch it and dry the splint.·For one month after nose surgery, do not do heavy physical activities.·After plastic surgery, rest more and avoid sex up to ten days .in general after nose surgery for two weeks any activity that leads to wide releasing Endorphin in the body should be avoided because it increases swell and bleeding of nose. After nose surgery, for a while brush your teeth with a soft tooth brush.·After nose surgery, do not touch your upper lip.·Two weeks before and after nose surgery, do not take some pain killers like Aspirin or Ibuprofen.· After nose surgery, for 10 to 14 days, do not have long telephone conversation or social activities.·For caring the bandage and splint of nose do not wash your face, but washing other parts of body does not have any problem.· After plastic surgery (nose operation) for one week do not laugh boisterously or make a lot of movement with your face.·After nose surgery, for one week do not wash your hair except that another person does it for you. Do not make the bandage of your nose to be wet.·After nose surgery, do not wear clothes that should be taken from front or behind. Do not wear pullover, jacket, T-shirt or polo neck.· After nose surgery, for six weeks do not expose to severe sunlight, because it leads to nose swell. After nose surgery ( Cares after nose surgery ), for one month, do not go to swimming.After removing bandage, do not worry about swell, changing color of nose, eyes and lips. Usually these changes will be disappeared 2 or 3 weeks after surgery.  Psychological points after Rhinoplasty After nose surgery it takes two months that the nose forms its shape and shows its beauties .during this time you should be patient and do not be worry about the swell or bigness of nose . Your worry is useless. After six month of your Rhinoplasty, your friends and family give some comments about your nose and maybe makes you irritated intentionally or unintentionally. You should prepare yourself to face this situation spiritually. After nose surgery ( Cares after nose surgery ), although beauty of your nose and face increase, it is possible that some little problems exist and attract your friends and family`s attentions. But regarding these tiny problems you should remember that, first these tiny problems are inevitable and secondly there are not important generally. Have self-confident, enjoy your beauty and do not occupy your mind by these issues.



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