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10 Oct

Nutrition after Nose Surgery

Nutrition after Nose Surgery Nutrition after Nose Surgery: People who are going to get a nose surgery should know that to achieve the ideal outcome, it is better to follow post-surgery cares, including nutrition after nose surgery. In this article, we are going to explain the nutrition after nasal surgery. What to do after nose […]

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07 Oct

Secondary Nose Surgery

Secondary Nose Surgery When a person is not satisfied with the result of his or her nose surgery for various reasons, he or she will undergo secondary nose surgery. The reasons for a person’s need for secondary nose surgery are as follows:     Drooping nose tip     Too small and upstairs nose     Nose asymmetry […]

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04 Oct

Revision Nose Surgery

Revision Nose Surgery Revision Nose Surgery: Nose surgery or rhinoplasty has increased dramatically nowadays and it also applies to any age group. Regarding this fact that nose plays a vital role both in the beauty and respiratory function, the nose must be operated in such a way that there would not be a problem. Unfortunately, […]

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01 Oct

Good nose surgeon

Good nose surgeon Choosing a good nose surgeon for nasal surgeries is one of the most important choices for the candidates for rhinoplasty. Men and women who are going to have a nasal surgery should be careful about choosing their nose surgeon. If they do not properly choose their nose surgeon and are not satisfied […]

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07 Jul

Rhinoplasty Method

Rhinoplasty Method Using right and safe rhinoplasty methods is very important to achieve and gain a good result after cosmetic nose surgery. A good rhinoplasty method should take into account both functional and aesthetic aspect, so choose and adept and skilled surgeon is very important to reach the best result. It is too important that […]

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22 May

Nose Deviation Surgery

Nose Deviation Surgery Nose deviation surgery is a type of nose surgery which corrects a deviated septum and fixes deformity in the septum. The medical name of the disorderliness is septoplasty. Nasal septum is a thin wall of bone and cartilage between nostrils that makes airflow passage, and divides nostrils in half. Nose deviation or […]

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22 May

Crooked Nose Surgery

Crooked Nose Surgery Crooked nose surgery or misshaped nose surgery is a nasal surgical procedure that corrects the shape of a misaligned or deviated nose. There are many types of the nose, almost 14 types, all around the world. Everybody has a special nose type with a unique character and personality. Some people have defined […]

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11 Apr

New technique for central lip lift with open Rhinoplasty

New technique for central lip lift with open Rhinoplasty New technique for central lip lift with open Rhinoplasty: Why have cosmetic surgeries been so popular? Do you know that every year half a million people seek consultation for cosmetic surgeries? The tendency towards beauty is embedded in the essence of all human beings and this [...]read more »