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Closed Nose Surgery

Closed Nose Surgery

What is Closed Nose Surgery?

There are two types of methods in nasal surgery, open nose surgery and closed noseClosed Nose Surgery surgery. In open rhinoplasty, incision is made outside of the nose, but in closed rhinoplasty which is called endonasal rhinoplasty, incision is made inside the nostril. So, unlike open approach, no scar will be visible after closed nose job, and patients won’t have social problem about scar.

In addition, due to all incisions are inside the nose, closed nose job is shorter than open one.

Differences of Open Rhinoplasty and Closed Rhinoplasty

There are some differences between open nose job and closed nose job which are listed below:

In closed rhinoplasty there is no external cuts and incisions, so there is no scar visible.

Since closed rhinoplasty manipulate and disturb less tissue, Patients experience less bleeding, swelling and bruising after this nasal surgery method compared to open nose surgery, which means short-term recovery timeline.

People who experience open rhinoplasty may don’t comfort to go out up to 2-3 weeks, but closed approach patients are accebtable to go out after 7-8 days after surgery.

Although, closed procedure has a shorter healing period, but it does not necessarily mean that this method is better. After consultation, your surgeon will advise which technique work best for you. In patients with major deformity open nose surgery works better than closed nose surgery.

Advantages of Closed Nose Surgery

There are many Questions as to which nasal surgery technique is better. Below some advantages of closed rhinoplasty is listed:

There is no visible and notable scar.

After surgery patient experience less swelling around the tip of the nose.

Due to short-term surgery time, less anaesthesia will be.

Patients come back to work and social life sooner, because recovery time is shorter.

Closed nose job must be done by a really skillful and expert surgeon, because he or she has to work on a small space with low visibility. A good surgeon should be professional in both surgical methods and do each one is needed for special patient. In addition, in consultation time, your doctor should talk to you about these two methods.

After all explanations, you should not hurry in choosing surgeon and nasal technique. After thorough research and investigation you can make the best choice to achieve the best result.

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