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Crooked Nose Surgery

Crooked Nose Surgery

Crooked nose surgery or misshaped nose surgery is a nasal surgical procedure that corrects the shape of a misaligned or deviated nose.

There are many types of the nose, almost 14 types, all around the world. Everybody has a special nose type with a unique character and personality. Some people have defined and small nose and they are happy with their appearance, but some others suffer from the shape of their nose.

Some people have crooked nose. Synonyms of crooked nose are: malaligned nose, displaced nose, twisted nose or deviated nose. A crooked nose refers to a nose that is not straight and well aligned when you look at it from opposite side or frontal view.




In this type of nose there is a curvature to the left or right side which causes the nose looks ugly. Crooked rhinoplasty can correct this deformity.

What are Causes of a Crooked Nose?

Causes of a crooked nose are:

Trauma or injury to the nasal bone or cartilage is first factor.Accident and broken nose can cause a crooked nose.

Crooked nose can be congenital or genetically inherited that happen at the birth time.

A displaced nose can be as a result of a nose surgery. When it happen, patient need to go for a secondary nose surgery in order to straighten and fix defects of primary nose surgery.

These factors can lead to a misshaped nose that a nose job or rhinoplasty is required to fix this problem.

How to straighten a Crooked Nose?

Straighten a crooked nose usually is not possible without nose surgery, and there is no medicine to fix this problem. So crooked nose surgery or rhinoplasty is the best way to correct this deformity. This surgery reconstructs and rebuilds the nose to bring the nose in normal shape.

Rhinoplasty or nose job of a shifted nose is so challenging, so choosing a broad-certified and profession surgeon is very critical. In consultation session, your surgeon examines your nose thoroughly, and gives you best advices. So, by an adept surgeon, you can be sure of best result after surgery.

As you know, all kinds of plastic surgeries carry on some risks and side effects, and nose surgery or rhinoplasty is not exceptional. Each mistake can cause regret. As a crooked nose surgery and straightening a nose requires too much skill, do not hurry for surgery.

Choosing a qualified plastic surgeon and looking at his or her before and after surgery gallery, give you an exact insight, then you can trust your surgeon and wait for the result.


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