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CT scan of nose

What is CT scan of nose ?

CT scan photo from inside of the nose should be prepared by patient before Rhinoplasty and give it to the nose surgeon .  In operating room these photos are attached to a wall that has light and during nose surgery, nose surgeon considers inside condition of nose by looking at these photos. ( CT scan of nose )

Sometimes after checking up the inside of nose, nose surgeon observes other problems CT scan of noseinside the nose and they need more check up. There are other determination ways to understand these problems and one of them is CT scan of nose.

CT Scan is an advanced photography that by using X-ray, it is possible to take photo from different parts of sinus and nose and then these photos put together and surgeon compares his checks up with photos. By this advanced way of photography many problems inside nose and sinus are detected carefully.

Problems like deviation of septum of nose, polyps inside nose and infections of sinus (sinusitis) are detectable by CT scan of nose and sinus.

Treatment of a nose that is undergone a Rhinoplasty

Every day our patients ask this question that whether the nose which is undergone nose surgery is treated in clinic or not?

Many people after nose surgery understand tiny problems on their nose and do not consider these problems to return to the condition of before sedation and surgery in operating room and in other hand they like no to have these tiny problems as well. These people think that it is better to have an outpatient surgery to remove these tiny problems and do not have another nose surgery in operating room. So because of these reason this question arises that is it possible to treat these tiny problems in clinics. Treatment of nose that has have Rhinoplasty is possible in clinics by local anesthesia and this is not surprising. But I prefer to treat any problems in operating room because in many circumstances it is happen that during treatment the surgeon needs more equipment for treatment that is not available in clinic. Sometimes it is necessary to sedate the patient again but because treatment process is started there is no way to finishing it and that operation should be continued even with that condition .in this situation it is possible that the problem does not removed completely and third operation is needed. By considering above issues, I do even the tiniest treatment problems in operating room to get the best result in any condition. ( CT scan of nose )


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