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Deviated nose and Rhinoplasty of it

Deviated nose and Rhinoplasty of it

Symmetric nose which is in middle of face increases beauty of face and when it is in consistent with other parts of face it makes cheeks, lips and eyes have better look. Deviated nose can attract attention of others in first look, so beauty of face and parts of it are covered under this deviated nose. Therefore because of this and some other reasons, Rhinoplasty of deviated nose is suggested.( Deviated nose and Rhinoplasty of it )

How deviated nose can be determined:  to some extent pyramid of nose can fill the middle line from middle of two eyebrows to middle of upper lip. Observable Convexity or concavity of pyramid of nose or contortion of it in itself in a way that looks twisted is called deviated nose.

Reasons of deviated nose :

  1. One reason happens when a person is born that can be effect of genetics and Deviated nose and Rhinoplasty of itheredity. In this case there is a lack of balance between growth of cartilage and boney sheets that lead to deviation of nose.
  2. Hits that happen to nose in childhood and these hits by disordering speed of growth of cartilage and bony sheets lead to deviation of nose or breaks of bone or cartilage of pyramid of nose that happened before and treated but lead to nose be deviated .

Problems of having deviated nose:

Dry mouth: because of nasal congestion, a person has to breathe with his or her mouth especially at nights. Some of the side effects of deviated nose are nightly snores, constantly catching cold, having headache and sinusitis. If nose is deviated at the age of growth in childhood, because of mouthy breathing, front teeth become disordered.( Deviated nose and Rhinoplasty of it )

Treating the deviated nose:

In the case of broken cartilage or bone of pyramid of nose ,by on time resetting broken parts it can be possible to prevent nose be deviated otherwise by healing the broken part the only effective way for treating deviated nose is having Rhinoplasty ( nose surgery ) .

Rhinoplasty of deviated nose can:

  • Remove nasal congestion of patient
  • Lead to outward beauty of nose

Before nose surgery, it is necessary that nose surgeon should examine the nose to determine deviation of septum of nose and amount of outward deviation of pyramid of nose. Rhinoplasty of deviated nose is a little different from Rhinoplasty of normal nose. Sometimes apart from skillfulness of nose surgeon, all problems of deviated nose cannot be removed in one operation.( Deviated nose and Rhinoplasty of it )


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