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Deviated septum surgery

Deviated septum surgery

What is a deviated septum?

Nose surgery to correct unblocking the nose and nasal breathing is being fed in the middle Deviated septum surgeryof the action septoplasty (surgery deviated septum). Partition or blade which in rhinoplasty, the nose is divided into two parts in the front is made of cartilage and from back is made of bone.( Deviated septum surgery )

When the blade is indirect it may close the way of sinusoidal leak. This kind of deflection has been seen among many people and the reason is because of flapping or genetically problems.

Having a dry nose, bloody flux, headache, rattle at night …are some of charges. Pay attention that in older people if we don’t cure them heart and lung problems threaten them.

Distinction of nose deflection

If the nose deflection is so sharp it will be visible by eyes and by visiting surgeon and showing CT scan and endoscopy it will be ok. Entirely septoplasty doesn’t change the form of nose very much unless it is done during rhinoplasty .


Charges of nose deflection surgery

  • nose bleeding
  • Because of the mucous Middle blade of nose is pierced
  • Condensation of blood between the two sides of the nasal septum that causes cramping briefly

Perhaps the question you may have think about is what is the difference between crooked nose and nose deviation? The answer must be said that one of the differences is that the action deviated septum is considered a medical practice and health insurance are included this means that its cost can be paid by health insurance

But rhinoplasty is a nose surgery and medical insurance are not included.

Let’s take an obvious example for the difference if the partition or blade is the crooked nose and the closing of one or both of the nasal cavity patients should do deviated surgery.

If the septum is crooked nose tilted as well as its overall shape if none of the nose is also not shut down the operation, cosmetic surgery is considered because the nose has to be moved and this problem will not be solved only by amending the blade.

There are other modes that combine a deviated septum and nose is So that the blade and the overall shape is crooked nose and nasal cavity is closed

In this type of rhinoplasty at first they should flatten out the blade that is part of nose surgery.

And later pyramid, will be flat that its part of nose surgery and till now they are not paid by insurance

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