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Deviation of the nasal septum

Deviation of the nasal septum

The middle of the nose structure that separates the nose from the nasal septum called Kendra, is formed the more bony blades in the back of the nose.Deviation of the nasal septum

One of the most important functional roles of these blades is the supporting role of the nose.

That is, keep the appearance of the nose. In people who have broken nasal septum makes them lose their shape and are among the troughs and disability.

Factors affecting the nasal septum deviation:

2 Operating on creating effective nasal septum deviation is:

The most important of which, hereditary factors

Whether because of disorders in the body and organs during embryonic there are parents or due to genetic factors when the nasal septum will grow, and it grows asymmetrically around the nose of the infant and deviation to grow over time and with age gradually appears.

The second factor is the impact that a very important role plays

Sometimes trauma in childhood or even birth to the child enters the nose, deviated nasal septum is the result of Sometimes the blows are not as severe, but the gap is expected. Sometimes as a result of severe beatings by accident that in addition to damage to the nasal septum, the appearance of the crooked nose and deviated.

Symptoms of nasal septum deviation:

Symptoms of a deviated septum, nasal congestion and difficulty breathing through the nose and nasal breathing disorders air quality is Which can cause other symptoms such as dry mouth or dry throat during sleep, including snoring during sleep and in the morning also the problem of smell.

Nasal septum deviation can effect on the opening of the sinuses can also cause chronic sinusitis is

Sometimes the cause of headache in patients with nasal surgery can improve it .but should be noted that all deviations are not expected to cause headaches.

Nasal septum deviation detection:

Deviated septum usually by a specialist in ear, nose and throat examination or rhinoplasty is visible It is also considered by endoscopy . Nose deflection and nasal sinuses CT scan of the sinuses radiological graphs are visible.

Treatment of nasal septum deviation:

Treatment of nasal septum deviation, which is called septoplasty surgery, is known to be associated with the removal of the perverse cartilage and bone this is done by a specialist in ear, nose and throat. Some parts of the cartilage of your nose to nose shape are because the holder cannot be picked, but by the nose are corrected and repaired.

Age appropriate for deviated septum surgery:

Rhinoplasty age when age is over, in other words at least 6 months to 1 year’s shoe size has not changed. In women 15 years of age and in men is 16 years. After completion of the nose, nasal dressing is placed which is removed after one to two days and patients can be normal life within a few days.

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