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The difference between bony and meaty nose

The difference between bony and meaty nose

Human’s nose has three layers

  • Externallining
  • bony cartilaginous skeleton
  • inner lining

The layer that is Skeletal and has been located on the top of nose ends to cartilages of tip of nose.( The difference between bony and meaty nose )

In the lower part of the nose cartilage within the holes and the blades only is made up skin. Broadly speaking, when we move from the top to the bottom of the nose, the impact of skin to shape and elegance in nose surgery grows. According to skin type and quality of the result of it  rhinoplasty done better.  nose surgery

Bony nose has a supple skin. Many people think that bony nose should have hunch. Proportional bone nose has a better skin. For surgeon bone nose surgeries are simple than meaty nose surgery. If one nose has a hunch and on the tip of nose has a low quality of skin, we say its meaty nose. Counter we have noses that they don’t have hunch but we count them in group of bony nose because of the type of the skin.

Totally the type of skin determines that the nose is meaty or bony. Whatever it have bad bones and cartilages its meaty nose.

Meaty noses have a harder surgery toward bony noses.

Noses which have more flexible skin and have harshness above of the tip of nose are bony and noses which have worse skin toward the bony nose are meaty nose.

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