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different ways of Rhinoplasty

different ways of Rhinoplasty

Because different races have different nose forms, for them the ways of nose plastic surgery are different.( different ways of Rhinoplasty )

Around the world, the reason for doing plastic surgery is to increase beauty and attractiveness but because of different forms of noses in different races the ways of plastic surgery are different. For example Italian noses (Romains) have hump and they prefer to remove this hump. But people who live in eastern Asia and also in Africa their noses have inward concave on Nose Bridge.  Some techniques for strengthening bridge of nose are used for these people and make back of nose looks more straight and beautiful. ( different ways of Rhinoplasty )

High statistics of rhinoplasty in Iran

High statistics of nose surgery in Iran is not something to be reported. Because when different ways of Rhinoplastylevel of welfare goes up, people think about doing plastic surgery. In contrast if level of welfare goes down, less plastic surgery is done.

In developed countries around the world, plastic surgeries are so common. But in Iran different factors are in place for the reason why among different plastic surgeries, nose surgery is so common. One of the most important factors is that in Iranian race the form of nose has more inconsistency in face. Race is a determinant factor and important issue. For example eastern Asian people have good noses but their eyes are not beautiful. In those countries eye-lid surgery is more common. Asian people tend to make their eyes be similar to European eyes. But in contrast, Iranians have beautiful eyes but their noses have problem rather than other parts of their face. Because of this reason nose surgery is so common in our country. This issue is high not only in our country but also in other countries in this region. Iraq, one of the countries around Persian Gulf and countries around Mediterranean Sea are countries which nose surgery is so common among people of these countries. In general, it should not have negative idea about this issue. The positive aspect is that this is the sign of fulfillment of primitive needs of Iranian society. ( different ways of Rhinoplasty )

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