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Effect of Alcohol on nose surgery

Effect of Alcohol on nose surgery

Alcohol can loosen the vessels of nose and increases the possibility of bleeding. Also alcohol can increases the swells of nose after surgery with this mechanism.( Effect of Alcohol on nose surgery )

Alcohol can be in clash with the medicines that prescribed for you after Rhinoplasty and create disorders for your body.

Alcohol increases urine and through this mechanism reduces amount of water in body and creates disorder in process of treatment of nose after surgery.

 Cultural factors and nose surgery

In Iran, people like small noses and admire it .while in western countries small nose is not  Effect of Alcohol on nose surgeryimportant for people. If we want to consider the standards, maybe the patient does not satisfy of his or her Rhinoplasty. So we have to be innovative in this kind of surgery.

Beauty standards of plastic surgery are come from western world. In contrast to Iranian people who want to have small nose and in their idea small nose is beautiful, in western countries voluminous and good-form noses have more opponents. So if we want to consider European factors in our surgeries maybe some candidates of nose surgery do not satisfy about their operated noses. What we and our colleagues have learned as surgeon is based on western standards. Based on western standards voluminous and good-form noses are beautiful.( Effect of Alcohol on nose surgery )

We have to operate according to standards but in other hand the patients should be satisfy as well and we have to small their nose as can as possible. The problem for this work is that for smallness of nose the cartilages of nose should be weaken but later on in the future this weak cartilage creates breathing problems. The factor that opens the channels of nose is cartilages of nose and for smallness of nose there is no way except cutting these cartilages. Cartilages which are cut become weak and in long run create breathing problems for the person .The method that we use is smallness of nose and strengthening of nose by cartilages that remove from other parts at the same time. Tip of nose and channels of it are places that need to be strengthen. An Iranian surgeon should be innovative in doing the surgery and apart from considering the beauty standards make Iranian patient be satisfied of his or her operated nose.

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