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Everything about Open Nose Job

Everything about Open Nose Job

Everything about Open Nose Job : Nose job is a kind of plastic surgeries which is so popular nowadays. There are two different methods in this surgery: open nose job and closed nose job. In this article I am going to explain you everything about open nose job.

In open nose surgery technique, surgeon makes incision in soft tissue between nostrils which is called Columella, so with lifting the skin of the nose, bone, cartilage and intended parts of the nose are reachable for manipulating, reshaping and rebuilding structurally.

Candidate for Open Nose Surgery

Open rhinoplasty do for solving problems such as : connate or inherent issues, interior or exterior nasal problems, blockage or eclipse nose, aesthetic and beauty problem, solving and modifying unsatisfactory of primary nose surgery.




Open Nose Surgery Steps

First of all, when you decide to reshape your nose for each of mentioned reasons, you should choose a skilled surgeon. During consultation, your doctor listens to your demands, examine your nose and tell you how your wishes are reasonable. When decision has made and date of your nose job has set, on appointed day you go to the hospital and followed steps will be done:


After taking anesthesia drugs, surgeon makes a small incision in Columella between nostrils, and some small cuts inside the nose. Through these incisions, it is easier for surgeon to work on interior part like bone and cartilage, and they are more reachable to manipulate.( Everything about Open Nose Job )


Once incision has made, the bone and cartilage are accessible to change. Surgeon rebuilds the structure of the nose, correct defeats aesthetically and functionally regarding each patient problem. This step includes adding or removing bone and cartilage, and if your nose is deviated, nose surgeon may open your septum for solving breathing issue.

Stitching Incision

After desired shape is attained and reshaping the nose is done, nose surgeon sutures the cut or incision.

Is There Scar after Open Nose Job?

Yes. In open surgical method, there is a small scar after rhinoplasty, but do not worry. If you choose an adept surgeon who knows where is proper point for incision, scar is notable never. After healing period no one will be able to see the scars.

Recovery Timeline after Open Nose Surgery

Right after surgery, you may have pain, so your surgeon prescribes some pain killer to relief your pain. You definitely get eclipse and congested. Sleep on your back and breathe through your mouth to reduce bruising and swelling.

After two weeks you can back to work, and after almost one month swelling is gone mostly. But depending on each patient situation the final outcome of open rhinoplasty may appear after a year. So be patient to see your desired result.

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