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Exercises after Rhinoplasty

Exercises after Rhinoplasty

People who want to have nose surgery before this operation apart from cares after Rhinoplasty; they have to pay attention to some important points. For example permission of doing exercises after nose surgery and when they can do exercises without limitation.( Exercises after Rhinoplasty )

Generally doing exercise after Rhinoplasty is divided to five periods:

  1. First week after Rhinoplasty: considering this issue that the effects of sedationExercises after Rhinoplasty medicines are remained in body of patients, they need to rest more during this time and wait till dizziness and the risk of bleeding decreased and the scars which are made because of operation are healed to some extent.
  2. Second week after Rhinoplasty: in second week after Rhinoplasty the person can start his daily activities. From third week slow and short walking does not make any problem.
  3. After 45 days: going to pool and swimming does not make any problem but diving is forbidden. Also going to dried sauna is forbidden up to second months after surgery because heat in sauna increases swells of nose.
  4. From beginning of Third month: the person can do aerobic exercises and treadmill slowly.  in general he or she should avoid any type of exercise that possibly lead to hit to the nose like exercise with ball or exercise that have kick like boxes .
  5. Six month after nose surgery:  From the beginning of seventh month the person is able to do his or her daily activates completely but in all situations he or she should be careful that his or her nose is not hit and if he or she dose boxes should use nose protector.( Exercises after Rhinoplasty )

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