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Fantasy Nose Job

Fantasy Nose Job

Fantasy Nose Job : Nose job is reshaping the nose weather for a cosmetic reason or a disordering issue. It is so popular to have facial plastic surgery nowadays. It is in common among both men and women.

Fantasy nose job has found many fans recently, but you should consider all aspects of this kind of nasal surgery.

Fantasy rhinoplasty is a type of nasal surgery which makes your nose so small and snub, consequently the nostrils will be too small, in addition, the tip of the nose lifts upward.

If you are going to meet a fantasy nose surgery, first of all you have to choose an adept and skillful surgeon, because making a fantasy nose which is so small is not simple. In consultation session, you declare your expectations to your doctor, then your doctor after a whole examination, tell which of your desired goals are acceptable and reasonable. If you persist on you expectations, you may do not achieve the best result and outcome of the nose surgery.


Fantasy Nose Job


In some patients fantasy nose job can’t be done such as: patients who have big, fleshy and wide nose, because these patients have thick skin and reshaping the nose is so hard and they won’t meet a fantasy small nose, people who have big face aren’t good for fantasy nose job, because after surgery they have a small nose in a big face than there is not any harmony between these two features. In this people, having a fantasy nose surgery carry more risks, it is possible to remain scar after rhinoplasty or even extra meat.

So be conscious aware of all aspects and risks of fantasy rhinoplasty, inform of your nose structure and make the best decision.

Best candidates for this kind of nasal surgery are patients with bonny and cartilaginous noses. Rebuilding and changing in these people is much easier than people with meaty nose.

This point is noteworthy that fantasy nose surgery is much complicated, and because of much variations of nasal structure, this kind of surgery is not suitable for all. If you persist on your unreasonable expectations, maybe fantasy nose job do not enhance your face, even it may reduce your beauty.

Therefore, if you choose an expert and professional surgeon entrust everything to him or her, and regard advice carefully, finally you can make the understand weather fantasy nose job is good for you or not!

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