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Fantasy nose surgery

Fantasy nose surgery

How is rhinoplasty or dolls fantasy?

There are about rhinoplasty ( Fantasy nose surgery ) and face international standards. In other words, closer to universal standards of beauty culture of mass media also has state of the universe

By analyzing the standard of beauty for most people is obtained.

About rhinoplasty this standard is based on the shape, size and angles of various components relative to each other and to be specified.

An important point that should be mentioned in this connection is that the standard is in the form of a range and not a precise number.

What noses can be suitable for  fantasy surgeryFantasy nose surgery

Fantasy projections presented in this article is subject. Some of the patients referred to the clinic and surgery, rhinoplasty demand for their fantasy projections these people often have a more precise definition of fantasy doll or consider its nose, nose is curved and sharp. This kind of Nose surgery can be done in certain circumstances and for certain patients.

Shrink the top of the nose or nose because of the beauty of it. On the other hand, any prediction cannot be made too small. Large and bulky nose with thick skin and cartilage of large and small cannot be large, Why is it that causes paralysis and abnormal nose with the formation of scar tissue Or so-called because of meat will be added to the waiting fancy nose or nose surgery ( Fantasy nose surgery ) should not be a puppet.

For rhinoplasty and nasal cartilage angles and dimensions are certain limits based on their aesthetic definition should be amended For example, the angle between the lip and nose normally about 90 to 100 degrees so that the natural nose However, up to 110 degrees can be obtained surgery that fantasy mode If you fancy nose will be removed Brief Otherwise damage to the internal tissue damage is estimated that the state is abnormal.

In general, the fantasy action after rhinoplasty nose cannot be done and should have good skin and cartilage.

And little reason to expect a lot of nice and fancy, but the nose will be due to surgical complications.

In consultation with the surgeon before surgery to discuss the case and if possible to do this for your fantasy surgery will be performed And if appropriate nose to nose fantasy action do not, do not insist on this kind of action.( Fantasy nose surgery )

In a beautiful person, the angle between lip and nose at least should be 90 but up to 105 are considered as beautiful face .this is the difference between fantasy and normal nose.

There are some universal standards for beauty of face and nose. In other words because Fantasy nose surgeryof social and universal media , different cultures are associated to each other and as a result it leads to making universal standards for beauty .these beauty standards come from analysis of the most beautiful faces .about nose beauty , theses standards related to shape, size and dimensions of different parts of nose . One important point to be mentioned is that these standards are not exact number but in a scale.

For clear this matter we bring an example .in a beautiful face the angle between lip and nose should be 90 but up to 105 is considered as a beautiful face. This is the difference between normal (simple) and fantasy (dolly) noses. If nose surgeon makes a 90 angle between lip and nose, the nose looks more natural but if she or he makes 105 an angle, the nose looks more fantasy and its tip tends to upward. But both conditions are in the range of beauty standards. If this angle becomes more than 105, the nose it is not in the range of beauty standard and so-called piggy nose.

Pay attention to another example .in woman, back of their nose should have a little concave (bow). This concave (bow) if does not make any depth or break and becomes more, the nose looks more fantasy but if back of nose becomes depth in a way that instead of a delicate deviation finds a kind of broken state it is not in the range of beauty standards and so-called saddle-horsey noses. ( Fantasy nose surgery )

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