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Functional Nose Surgery

Functional Nose Surgery ( rhinoplasty )

Functional Nose Surgery : Functional nose job is a branch of nose surgery. Nose job or rhinoplasty is an operation in group of plastic surgery that change and improve nasal problem, weather aestatically or functionally. There are different types of rhinoplasty such as: cosmetic nose surgery, functional nose job, revision rhinoplasty, reconstructive nose job, and some other methods. In this article, we are going to introduce and express the functional nose surgery.

Although, a good nose surgery does not focus on just one aspect, and a skilled surgeonFunctional Nose Surgery regards and enhances both shape and function of the nose, but some of patients only need one to boost their nose shape, and some other need a functional nose job.

Functional rhinoplasty performs in order to improve the breathing problem, and remove and resolve the nasal airway obstruction or eclipse without changing nose appearance. Nose eclipse or blockage is congenital most of the time. So this type of surgery remove excess cartilage and straighten the bone to make patient’s breathing easy.

Symptoms of nasal airflow are: breathing through your mouth specially at night, nose congestion or nose eclipse, decreasing sense of smell. If you bother these issues, set an appointment and see a nose surgeon, maybe you need a functional nose job.

Best Candidates for Functional Nose Job

Best candidates for functional nose job are patients who suffer from obstructed airway, and an obstructed nasal airway includes this cases:

Deviated Septum

Septum is a wall of cartilage between right and left nostrils, when septum is deviated, crooked, and bent one side it is called deviates septum which causes eclipsing of nasal passage,. This kind of abnormality repair with septoplasty. Septoplasty is a method of functional nose surgery that open the nose passage and airway, and straighten the septum and bone structure to the right alignment.

Enlarged Turbinates

Turbinate hypertrophy or enlarged turbinate, is one another issue that can affect breathing, and lead up to nose obstruction, specially,  in patients with long-lasting nose allergies. Turbinate’s duty is to humidify, damp and filter air breathed in. When you inhale, turbinate swell, and after doing their job, they back to their natural shape, but if they do not return to the natural size, can cause breathing issues and maybe block the airway. This problem solves by functional rhinoplasty.

Nasal Polyp

Nose polyp is like grape that grow in line of nasal passage. If polyp grows more than natural, it can cause breathing difficulties. When medicines do not affect, removing nose polyp in functional nose job help patients to breath without any bother.

Finally, by a consultation with an adept and skillful nose plastic surgeon you understand more about your breathing difficulties, and if your problem is serious,you can make a decision for a functional nose surgery.

Doctor Farshid Mahboubirad

Otorhinolaryngologist, nose surgeon

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