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Good nose surgeon

Good nose surgeon

Choosing a good nose surgeon for nasal surgeries is one of the most important choices for the candidates for rhinoplasty.

Men and women who are going to have a nasal surgery should be careful about choosing their nose surgeon. If they do not properly choose their nose surgeon and are not satisfied with the result of nose surgery, it takes up a year that they can do revision surgery again.

Choosing a good nose surgeon

Since nasal surgeries are not an emergency operation, you have adequate time to investigate about nasal surgeons.

Choosing a good nose surgeon in metropolises is a difficult task.

Once you have selected some surgeons among the nose surgeons, start researching and surveying them.

Visit them for advice and talk about rhinoplasty and how to work.

Ask your surgeon to show you his or her portfolio.

Talk with patients in the clinic and ask for their satisfaction with nasal surgery.

Nasal surgery, as part of cosmetic surgeries is expensive, just do not refer to any surgeon only because of lower cost.



A good nose surgeon should have the following features:

  • Nose surgeon should be aware of the aesthetic science.
  • The nose surgeon should be able to visualize the shape of the nose after rhinoplasty.
  • An adept surgeon should explain patient all procedures before and after nasal surgery.
  • The health of the patient is a priority for a good nose surgeon.
  • The ideal nasal surgeon should be able to absorb the patient’s confidence because the confidence of the patient is directly related to the outcome of the nose job.
  • A nose plastic surgeon must ask questions about the illnesses and the drugs that you take.

Nasal Surgery Complications

Nasal surgery or rhinoplasty is one of the cosmetic surgeries that many people tend to do.

Some people are afraid and anxious because of the negative thoughts they heard about nasal surgeries and the complications of nasal surgery, so these cause they do not do this surgery.

The complications of nasal surgery are straightly related to the level of the surgeon, so if you choose skilled surgeons, you will never suffer from consequences.

Because a skilled nose surgeon thoroughly examines the patient’s physical condition, and if he or she is not a good candidate for this operation, the doctor will prevent the patient from performing a nasal surgery.

Failure to choose a good specialist and doing nasal surgeries by an inappropriate surgeon will certainly lead to complications and patients who have not chosen a skilled surgeon will necessarily require secondary rhinoplasty.

The cost of nasal surgery is determined according to the surgeon’s wages and hospital fees, so ask your surgeon about the cost of your rhinoplasty.

Dr. Farshid Mahboubirad


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