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How can use glasses after Rhinoplasty

How can use glasses after Rhinoplasty ( nose surgery )

How can use glasses after Rhinoplasty : After nose surgery, nose is become soft andHow can use glasses after Rhinoplasty no pressure should impose to it. During first week that splint is on the nose using glasses are not creating any problem but after this time till one month glasses should not be used.

If using glasses is necessary, in necessary situation and for a short time, you can tape glasses on your nose with a tape in order not to impose weight of glass on the nose. This is the topic of this article that how we can use glasses after nose surgery.

After Rhinoplasty till one month bone of nose is soft and any pressure can change form of it so it is recommended that do not use any kind of glasses whether glasses or sun glasses .during this time you can use contact lenses .How can use glasses after Rhinoplasty

Another way is that you can tape middle of your glasses to middle of your forehead in order not to impose any pressure to your nose.

If people want to have Lasik surgery on their eyes for treatment of optometry problems first it is better to do Lasik surgery and then do Rhinoplasty that after nose surgery they do not need to use glasses.

Rhinoplasty can be done about one month after Lasik surgery. But if the person wants to have Rhinoplasty before Lasik surgery, this can be done for her or him .so you can have Lasik surgery one month before having Rhinoplasty and without any worry you can use sun glasses.

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