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The impact on the sense of smell in nose surgery

The impact on the sense of smell in nose surgery

Waking up and feeling the smell of coffee at home is one of the best things in the morning if you decide to have taken a nose surgery , may be concerned about the impact on your sense of smell And anxiety that go under the knife may never be able to feel the notes of anything well.

Does nose surgery affect your sense of smell?nose surgery

Short and straightforward answer to this question is “yes”. Nose surgery likely will affect your sense of smell but the impact will be temporary. When you do your nose surgery, nose swelling and bruising for a few weeks to a few months will continue.

How our nose works?

2 olfactory bulb. 3 mitral cells. 4 bone. Nasal epithelium 5. 6 glomeruli. Olfactory receptor neurons

the doctor Theodore Dyktabn said “Olfactory system is not as complex as understanding system”

Olfactory nerve endings in your nose containers that are connected to them when you breathe the air orbits around the containers and you can understand smell.

Why postoperative olfactory system is weak after surgery?

After the surgery is completed, your nose will be swollen for a long period, so that olfactory nerve endings were in another chamber that would not be the same as before. It is also possible to some extent also affect the sense of taste, because the nose and sense of smell plays a big role in your taste buds

How long does our sense of smell will return after surgery?

Scientific research on people who have done nose surgery has shown that 86 per cent of the sense of smell will return after 6 months This is desirable because a full recovery can be expected to take a year to inflation, it completely wiped out.

Throw away your worries

When the swelling subsided for you, your sense of smell will return completely to normal However, in this case nothing to worry about, but you should be aware of this issue to not to be surprise by facing it.

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