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Laser Nose Surgery

Laser Nose Surgery

What is Laser Nose Surgery?

As you know, there are several methods for nose surgery. In most of operation, fracturing structure and even removing bone and cartilage is necessary, because in this way surgeon can achieve the desire place of the structure. But in laser nose reshaping is a little different.

In laser nose job, it is not necessary to remove bone and cartilage, and it is not

Laser Nose Surgery

necessary to change all part of nose. Laser method just reshapes and reforms the nose by reshaping cartilage and bone in order to reach desired nose.

There are some advantages in laser nose surgery such as: healing time is shorter than traditional approach and you can back to work with no bondage after almost five days, patients who select this way usually do not experience scar, and there is no internal packing which means less bother for patients.

In total, laser technique has less side effects rather than other methods.

What Differences is there Between Ordinary and Laser Rhinoplasty?

Every surgeon has her/his own method and thinks her/his approach is the best. Because of removing bone and cartilage in traditional technique, it is possible patient discomfort with his or her nose after a few years. But in laser nose surgery interior parts of the nose won’t damage, so result is permanent and long-lasting.

Conventional approach change the whole structure of the nose, but Laser approach does not change parts that patient is happy and satisfied with them, only parts that patient is unhappy with, will be changed.

Certainly, there are some side effects after each kind of plastic surgery and so nose surgery. Pain, scar, swelling and bruising may bother patient after surgery, but nose job by laser reduces side effects to minimum amount.

After ordinary nose surgery you may stay home up to two weeks, but in laser-assistant method you can resume your work and your social life after five days.

Outcome of laser rhinoplasty is satisfying and so natural. The length of surgery and recovery procedure is reduced eminently.

At the end, in laser method patients feel more comfort and convenience during and after procedure.

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