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Meaty nose surgery

Meaty nose surgery

You may have heard speech between people that meaty nose surgery is useless and the patient after nose surgery is not satisfied but bony nose may have a good result. But we should say that meaty nose can be ok by nose surgery just you should find a connoisseur surgeon. And it will be completely ok and unreturned. The most important goal in nose surgery is that nose should be match with other parts of the face and the goal is not just making nose smaller or flatter. Because it may cause breathing problems or it doesn’t take long that your nose has form. Thick skins, lipomas that have associated on tip of nose are features of meaty nose.
Unlike that meaty nose are big they are weak insofar as by pressing it by your finger it comes down. It’s because of weak cartilage. After surgery because of weak cartilage it comes down and it loses it forms. What is the solution?

Meaty nose treatment

Meaty nose surgeryIn meaty nose, because of cartilage weakness at first surgeons make size of nose smaller and dislocate cartilages and bones and support them to prevent charges
Of meaty nose surgery.

Charges of meaty nose surgery

However you have heard that meaty surgery is returnable but we should tell you that by choosing a good surgeon you can have a better result. And it can be returnable forever. Totally the charges of meaty nose depends on you and your surgeon and you should know that after your nose surgery you should do surgeons directions well.

Should and shouldn’t of meaty surgery

Surgeons can’t make meaty nose smaller and smaller or arch it too much and because the swelling (much swelling than bony nose) it should have agglutinate for much time.

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