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Methods of doing nose surgery

Methods of doing nose surgery

There are two methods for doing nose surgery . They are open and closed methods. In the following we explained which of these methods have priority over the other. Some nose surgeons prefer open method of nose surgery while some other nose surgeons prefer close method. But in general, open method of nose surgery has more proponents, while what is important for the person and nose surgeon is the optimal results of nose surgery. The reasons that the nose surgeon, of course most nose surgeons chose open method of nose surgery are:

  • For the possibility of repeating the operation
  • For doing operation on the nose which deformed because of an accident
  • for doing surgery on the nose which has deviation or it is a deviate nose generally

The difference between open and closed methods of doing nose surgery is that apart from Methods of doing nose surgery the cut that also is done in closed method, another cut is done in the middle tissue of the nostrils which is called Coloma. Now maybe this question arises that what is the function of such cut? By this cut it is possible to lift the skin of the nose and all other parts of the nose include cartilages, bones and soft tissues are observable and nose surgery can be done by direct observation of the parts of nose and there is no worry about the scar of the stitches because scar is not exited anymore. In closed method of nose surgery the time for doing it is at least 15 minutes and this is less than open method. Also the cuts are not on the middle part of the nostril but from inside of the nose cuts are done. Although these cuts include half of the archer of nostril, they are not observable from outside of the nose and also swell and bruise are less than open method of nose surgery. Today, more nose surgeons prefer to choose open method of nose surgery and select this method as the first and main way for doing nose surgery.

Advantages of closed method of nose surgery

  • Shorter time of doing nose surgery in this method
  • No cuts are done on Coloma, the skin of middle part of the nostril.
  • Swell and bruise are less than open method and recovery after nose surgery is sooner

Advantages of open method of nose surgery

  • In this method nose surgeon can do more on the beauty and form of nose
  • Availability of touching cartilage and soft tissues of nose
  • Possibility of repeating the operation


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