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Nasal Polyp Removal Surgery

Nasal Polyp Removal Surgery

Nasal Polyp Removal Surgery : Nasal polyps are common in almost 5% of people. If nose polyps diagnose by doctor, patients treats with medicines and sometimes a polyp removal surgery is necessary.

This article give you more information about nasal polyps and express treatments for this issue.

Definition of Nasal Polyp

What is a nasal polyp? A nasal polyp is something that grows in the sinus hole (cavity) Nasal Polyp Removal Surgeryor in the nasal airway. The shape is like teardrop or grape. Long-lasting swelling of nasal tissue, asthma, persistent sinusitis, and even some drugs can cause a nasal polyp.

If nose polyp is small in size, it has no obvious symptoms, but it can grow in larger size.  Since large size sinus can block the sinus airway, it could certainly affect your breathing, and be troublemaker for you.

  • Symptoms of Nasal Polyp
  • Below is a checklist of symptoms of nasal polyp:
  • Reduced sense of smell and taste
  • Runny nose or rhinorrhea
  • Facial pain
  • Headache or pain in your forehead
  • Snoring

If you are experiencing above list that last more than one week, it is better to set and appointment with you doctor and consult about this problem, you may need for a treatment.

How Your Doctor Diagnose Nasal Polyp

First of all, your doctor ask you about your symptoms, then make a through physical exam to identify a nasal polyp. If doctor do not be able to see a polyp by physical exam, he or she use nasal endoscope for a more accurate examination. CT scans and MRI scans can inform your doctor of details with produced images, In addition, an allergy test may be done, because some allergens can affect your immune system and leading to nasal polyp.

After your doctor diagnoses you have nasal polyp treatments will be start to remove polyp.

Nasal Polyp Treatment Methods

When your doctor is sure of your polyp, he or she regards treatments for you.

First you will take some medicines that can shrink or remove nasal polyp, and can reduce inflammation of sinus cavity.

If medicine therapy or drug therapy fails, nasal polyp removal surgery will be done due to remove polyp. Nasal polyp surgery can perform in different methods, details about how the surgery is done depends on number of nasal polyps, size of polyp, location of polyp.

Recovery Time-line after Polyp Removal Nose Surgery

Totally, recovery time after polyp removal nose surgery is almost two weeks. After surgery you may have nose bleeding, pain and congestion. These are natural in recovery time.

Regard this point that after recovery and healing period, your breathing difficulties will be disappear. So be hopeful and do not worry about nasal polyp removal surgery.

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