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Nose operation of fleshy noses

Nose operation of fleshy noses

Fleshy nose has thick skin and thin cartilage. Because older techniques were reductionists usually these techniques, almost by them nothing can be done for fleshy noses. But with newer techniques, it is possible to do something for beauty of fleshy noses. Fleshy noses are those that have thick skin and thin cartilage and in contrast, noses that have thin skin and thick cartilage are called boney noses.

Do fleshy noses reverse after Rhinoplasty ?

With older techniques nothing special can be done for fleshy noses. Because they Nose operation of fleshy noses included cutting cartilage and bone of nose so they were mostly reductionist. Fleshy noses have weaker cartilages. If these thin cartilages are cut and become thin although the nose maybe look smaller and more beautiful for a while ,but by passing time and functions of under skin , the nose stacks up and tends to downward . This is the reason that others say about a person whose nose is drooped downward.

But because fleshy noses are formed by shaped strength cartilage, reversibility or droopy of fleshy noses are decreased or maybe do not happen at all.

Strengthen of cartilage is done for fleshy noses .it means removing the needed cartilage from middle structure of nose ( septum ) and by them it  is possible to strength the tip of nose . So that when the process of doing plastic changes on the nose is started, changing the shape of nose (reversibility of nose) does not happen.


Nose operation on boney noses is better and easier. Result of fleshy noses is less satisfactory and people with this type of nose should not have high expectation from their Rhinoplasty. Although with use of newer techniques it is possible to make a more permanent beautiful nose for people who have fleshy noses.


Percentage of success of nose surgery

Many people who want to do Rhinoplasty ask this question from their nose surgeon that to what percentage dose my nose operation be successful and usually people like to hear that, their nose surgeon answers this question with percentage.

Determining result of nose surgery with percentage has its` own special problems and it is possible to see different interpretation from that percentage. For example if nose surgeon says to patient that you will get 60 percent result from your nose surgery , immediately he or she asks this question  that what does that percentage mean ? Does it mean 40 percent is possible my nose will be bad? While this does not what the nose surgeon means.

You have to pay attention to this point that a nose will look beautiful if it belongs to a very beautiful face which is standard from all sides. Therefore 100 percent result from surgery is possible in a way that the face should be standard 100 percent. Beside, each person `s nose has its own capacity to be beautiful. For example a person, who has a big and fleshy nose, never gets the same result from his or her nose surgery as a person with a boney and thin nose gets that his or her problem is just having a small hump. By considering the above mentioned points, if for example a person who has a fleshy nose and with normal beauty is said that you get 40 percent from result of your surgery , this means your beauty increases by nose surgery but if the standard of beauty is between 0 and 100 , you get 40 out of 100 .

Here it is clear that by 40 it doesn`t mean that a person `s beauty does not increase or it does not mean that the nose gets worse .but it means your beauty increases by nose operation  but if we want to give 100 to a beautiful nose ,that person gets 40 . Moreover it should be mention that 40 percent is achieved if the operation is done by a good and skillful nose surgeon and no mistake has occurred. For more explanation if a person is said that you get 80 percent from result of your Rhinoplasty, it does not mean probably 20 percent is possible that his or her nose will be bad but it means his or her beauty score after nose surgery will around 80 if the scale of beauty is between 0 and 100.

In the following one more point should be mention that many people think if they do nose surgery twice they get 100 percent from result of their operation .this idea is not true and in best condition the percentage that the nose surgeon says will be attained after nose surgery.

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