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Nose polyp

Nose polyp

Nose polyp is a soft and non-cancerous mass, which grows abnormally in the membrane of the nasal mucus and the sinuses, causing disorders in the breathing of the individual. This is a pain-free condition and a polyp hangs like a teardrop or grape cluster.

What are the symptoms of nose polyp?

If you feel a soft mass in the nasal passages or the sinuses, refer to an ENT specialist for examination and treatment.

It should be noted that small nasal polyps are not easily touchable and only the best nasal surgeon can detect them. While the polyp is large and for 10 days, the person has the following symptoms, they should refer to the best nose surgeon.

  •     Reduction of the sense of smell
  •     Feeling pain in the upper jaw
  •     Prolonged rhinorrhea
  •     Respiratory problems and nightly snoring
  •     Pain in the forehead area



What is the treatment for nose polyp?

When a nasal polyp is mild, it can be treated temporarily with the following methods.

  • Herbal treatment of nasal polyps
  • Nasal polyp Laser
  • Nasal polyp spray
  • Chemical drugs

But keep in mind that the above methods are temporary and the only surgical way is the definitive treatment of nasal polyp.

Nose endoscopic surgery

In this method of the polyp treatment, the nose surgeon enters a tube with a camera in its head in the nose, after seeing the polyp uses a small device to pull it out.

Nose polypectomy

In this method, small polyps are removed using a special suction device.

What are the side effects of nasal polyps?

If the patient does not refer timely to the treatment of nasal polyp, he may experience problems like asthma, sinusitis, eye socket infection, and so on.

Ways to prevent nose polyp in children

In some cases, a child may have nasal polyps, in which parents can prevent the occurrence of this complication with regarding instructions which are listed below.

  • Parents should pay attention to the local humidity in which the child is located, and increase the humidity by using the humidifier.
  • The child must rest sufficient quantity and use a lot of liquid.
  • Keep the baby away from perfume, pets and cigarette smoke, because they are allergic.

How much is the cost of nasal polyp?

Since many factors influence the cost of nasal polyps, it is recommended to go to the clinic or office for more information. The cost of surgery will be determined after a thorough examination.

But keep in mind that do not visit a nasal surgeon simply for a lower cost, first investigate, and then refer to the best surgeon for nasal polyps surgery.

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