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Nose surgeon

Nose surgeon ( nose surgery )

The first step for having a good nose surgery is choosing a skilful and experienced nose surgeon. Because many of the cases who have Rhinoplasty just pay attention to the final result of operation that is the beauty aspect of it and the normal breathing after surgery does not important for them .( Nose surgeon ) When a skilful nose surgeon is selected so it makes after surgery apart from beauty dimension, breathing problems are prohibited.

Blockage and obstruction of nose valveNose surgeon

Most of people who want to have Rhinoplasty especially women like to have small nose which literally called fantasy nose but it should be considered that making the nostrils and beneath holes of nose be small leads to obstruction of outside and inside valves of nose and breathing problems, so treating and reshaping of these kinds of nose is difficult. If Rhinoplasty is done by a skillful and experienced nose surgeon, the operation is done safely and without side effects .otherwise treating the generated side effects is so difficult and expensive for the patient and this patient again needs to have reshaping nose surgery.

Keeping the standard criteria after nose surgery

There are some standard criteria for nose surgery including consistency of nose with other parts of face , back of nose ,width of nose ,height of nose , distance between nose and lips and … . Nose surgeon based on standard criteria of Rhinoplasty after operation analyzes result of nose surgery. For example the height of nose is 67 percent of length of nose. By considering these standards leads to consistency of nose with parts of face, beauty and attractiveness of person without any side effects after operation that these positive points reached when a skillful and experienced nose surgeon does Rhinoplasty.

Who is a Nose Surgeon?

A nose surgeon is a kind of plastic surgeon who reshapes and rebuilds the structure of the nose.

First of all let’s take a look at the definition of nose surgery.

Definition of Nose Surgery

Nose surgery or nose job that it’s medical term is called rhinoplasty, is in branch of plastic surgeries. It is a type of surgery with goal of changing and reshaping the shape of the nose to make it more appealing. Rhinoplasty is not only a cosmetic procedure that just changes the appearance of the nose, it is also a functional technique that can remove defects of nose structure. So nose job is a surgery that enhances the nose, whether aesthetically or functionally.

Nose surgery is too popular and common nowadays, whether for a medical goal, or you are looking for a better face. So, picking a good nose surgeon is critical for achieving the best final result.   There are many important factors you should regard when you are going for a nasal surgery, but finding and choosing a skillful nose surgeon is the first step you have to take.

How to Choose the Best Nose Surgeon

Since rhinoplasty or nose job is one of the most difficult and challenging surgeries in branch of cosmetic surgery, choosing the best surgeon, who you can trust him or her is very important. The result of nose surgery is with you the rest of your life, so follow these steps to minimize the risk of surgery.

Find a Board-certified Surgeon

If you are going to meet a nose surgery you have to find a surgeon who is certified by board of plastic surgery or otolaryngology. It is important because each doctor is permitted to do any kind of surgery, but if you choose a board-certified surgeon, you will be sure that he or she has completed plastic surgery course and training, and is more skilful in nasal plastic surgery.

Pick a Surgeon who Specialize Rhinoplasty

Second point is that all board-certified plastic surgeon are not suitable for nose job, you should choose a surgeon whose major job is rhinoplasty. Nasal plastic surgeon has more experience in nasal surgeries and can do this procedure better.

Look at After and Before Photos

Each nose surgeon has a photo archive of her or his previous surgeries, this photos gallery compare before and after nose surgery in different patients. Viewing this archive can give you a clue, and give you a powerful insight of the result of your surgery.

Trust Your Surgeon

After all researches, you choose your nose surgeon. After picking surgeon you should trust him or her, and you must believe in your instincts and inside voice. Make sure your doctor understand your expectations and your goals, trust your nose surgeon and get ready for other steps you have to take to achieve your desired nose and face.

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