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Nose Surgery during Pregnancy

Nose Surgery during Pregnancy

Nose Surgery during Pregnancy is one of the most important topics in cosmetic nose surgery, which we are going to address in this article.

Many women ask some questions about nose surgery before pregnancy and some others about post-pregnancy nasal surgery.

These people can read this article to get the answer to their questions.

Since nose surgery is not an emergency operation, the person has enough time to research and choose a good nose surgeon. For more information on how to choose a nose surgeon, you can refer to related articles.

After you have chosen a good and experienced nose surgeon, go to their clinic for advice and consultation, and ask all your questions from the surgeon for achieving the desired nose.

People who refer to an otorhinolaryngologist during pregnancy should be told that rhinoplasty is strictly forbidden during expectancy period, and no nasal surgeon performs nasal surgery in this period. This is why pregnancy test is prescribed for women who are undergoing rhinoplasty.(Nose Surgery during Pregnancy)




The reason for the prohibition of nasal surgery during pregnancy is that for nose surgery should use medication, sedative, and so on which these all affect on the growth of the fetus.

Nasal Surgery before Pregnancy

One of the most commonly asked questions is that how long after rhinoplasty women are allowed to become pregnant. When is it the right time to get pregnant after nasal surgery?

It must be told that the patient can go for a nasal cosmetic surgery before she starts the pregnancy and can begin pregnancy two months after nasal cosmetic surgery, but the best nose surgeons usually recommend their patient to wait one year after a nose job.

Nasal Surgery after Pregnancy

Women can perform nasal plastic surgery 2 months after delivery, but we recommend that they read the article on nasal surgery and lactation so that they and their children do not have any problem.

What is the effect of pregnancy on nasal surgery?

It should be mentioned that women undergo significant changes during pregnancy such as nose swelling, thickening of the nasal wall, etc. But there is no worry. After the pregnancy, the nose returns to its previous state and pregnancy no effect on the appearance of the nose.

What are the complications of nose surgery?

People who want to do cosmetic nasal surgery and ask about its complications should be told that you will not get any complications if you go to the best nose surgeon and follow care before and after operation.

The only disadvantage of nose surgery is swelling, bruising, runny nose and nasal congestion, which is normal and will be resolved over time and there is no concern.

How much does the nose surgery cost?

The cost of nasal surgery is determined by the wages of the best nose surgeon, the cost of the hospital and the anesthetist, the cost of drugs and tests, and so on.

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