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Polyp in nose

Polyp in nose

Polyp of nose is a kind of gray or colorless lump that usually is generated from mucus of nose or the nose itself. ( Polyp in nose )

Reasons of generating polyp

Generation of polyp in nose does not have definite reason but it can be said that Polyp in noseinflammations and severe infections inside nose can generate polyp in nose.

Usually polyp is generated because of allergy of nose. It is possible that this kind of allergy happens with other kinds of allergies like Asthma and skin allergy. Because of this allergy, mucus of nose becomes swelled and changes to a kind of additional tissue which fills inside nose and sinus and by passing time its strength becomes more. If allergy of nose is treated in suitable time, this problem does not happen or happens late.

Ways of determining polyp of nose

Polyp of nose can be determined easily trough clinical check. In many cases patients go to doctor and declare that they have polyp in their nose while by clinical check it is cleared that there is no polyp in their nose and just the lower branches of nose become swelled and to some extent lead to block the breathing system.

Treatment of polyp of nose

If size of polyp reached to an amount that makes problem for breathing it should be removed from inside of nose by nose surgery. Because usually the source of polyp is from inside of nose if just polyp is removed from inside of nose it can be reversed more in comparison with a situation that apart from removing polyp of nose, also polyp inside of sinus is removed by Endoscopy.

In general after nose surgery it is possible that polyp is reversed but anti allergic treatment for making reversibility of polyp late or reducing speed of its growth is effective.

Surgery of polyp of nose can be done with both semi sedation and complete sedation. Time of operation is about 20 minutes and the patient can be discharged on the day after surgery.

During 10 days after surgery, the patient should take antibiotic and for putting off the reversibility of polyp, using anti allergic medicines is necessary.

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