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Proceedings Before the rhinoplasty surgery

Proceedings Before the rhinoplasty surgery

What should we do before nose surgery?

To take the necessary measures for rhinoplasty surgery, the following can be named.Proceedings Before the rhinoplasty surgery

Rhinoplasty patients who referred to the clinics, have several reasons to do nose surgery that the most important is improvement in the problems that they create for the nose and also create confidence to participate in public

These people are concerned about the risk of respiratory problems, or complications for the nose.

These people normally have reasonable expectations and their nasal flaws are able to be corrected.

Sometimes patients want to do nose surgery to achieve the appearance they specifically mentioned actor and actress and bring photos to office.

In such cases it should be noted that this is the dream. For nose surgery only changes one’s nose and fit nose with a face and we will not change for the other components. Because they will not be like that actress. For these reasons expectations must be realistic and reasonable before surgery to achieve the goal of rhinoplasty.

Things to know before surgery:

Preoperative clients should be prepared to have nose surgery. Tell your doctor if you have certain diseases and also if smoking or tobacco consumption, you should stop it at least two weeks before or two weeks after surgery. Avoid Taking aspirin and painkillers, such as naproxen and ibuprofen for two weeks before surgery.


Preoperative blood tests, including concentration and blood coagulation is expected to do. In individuals older than 40 years should have ECG If particular problems in terms of breathing, shortness of breath and heart palpitations you should have consultation before the operation.

Before the rhinoplasty surgery

Is CT scans of nose necessary for nose surgery?

Typically a CT scan of nose and sinuses is not required in rhinoplasty. CT scan in cases where it is necessary in conjunction with rhinoplasty surgery, sinusitis or nasal polyps surgery is needed to be done also, for people who want to use their insurance need to have a CT scan of nose and sinuses.

Photo telegraphy

One of Measures for rhinoplasty surgery is photography. For better examine on the nose, rhinoplasty surgeon use photos. The photos normally occur including photos, profile right and left head-up and head down. In certain cases, there need to see right and left and see the smile. The photos should not have retouched to remove all flaws and irregularities. Nasal photos should be in front of you surgeons’ eyes and as for designs which prepared before he can do surgery.

NOTES for day of nose surgery

Should eat at least 8 hours before surgery and the stomach should be empty. The night before surgery should consumed good snack. One hour before surgery be ready in your surgery center and keep up with the required documents such as tests, insurance, bring your identification documents. In women less than 18 years of father’s consent is required before surgery because his father must be present in the clinic. Do not go alone for surgery have a person as a companion with you for surgery. You must not drive after surgery because of this you need help in these cases.

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