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Reversibility of fleshy nose

Reversibility of fleshy nose

Nose surgery is one type of plastic surgery that in recent years this type of surgery is done a lot and people even without any logical or medical reasons for having more beauty like to do nose surgery. Usually there are two types of noses: fleshy and boney noses. In fleshy nose surgery, the surgeon by cutting bone and cartilage makes the indented form to Reversibility of fleshy nosethe nose and usually the form of nose does not change for a long time except that the form of nose is changed because of a hit and it does not reverse to its surgery form. Indeed it is worth to mention that just having by big nose cannot called it fleshy nose and determining a nose as a fleshy nose is done by the nose surgeon . Now people may have this question that whether fleshy nose is revisable or not? Usually in fleshy nose the tissue of skin and flesh of nose are more than other parts, the amount of cartilage is less than fleshy part and it has a weak boney structure. Nose surgeon tries to make a consistency among the parts. In this type of nose surgery, nose surgeon by adding cartilage and strengthening the structure of nose makes the intended form to the nose. originally in this type of nose surgery, reversibility of fleshy nose is like the reversibility of boney nose and just there is a little difference in the method of operation of nose and cares after nose surgery and people have wrong belief that the person after surgery does not have ideal form and the result is not satisfactory and this is the answer for this question that whether fleshy nose is reversible or not. Usually after fleshy nose surgery, more swell is seen and this is another reason that people have wrong idea about plastic surgery that nose surgeons after this type of operation use steroid vial to decrease the amount of swell after operation.



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