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Revision Nose Surgery

Revision Nose Surgery

Revision Nose Surgery: Nose surgery or rhinoplasty has increased dramatically nowadays and it also applies to any age group.

Regarding this fact that nose plays a vital role both in the beauty and respiratory function, the nose must be operated in such a way that there would not be a problem.

Unfortunately, some people pay more attention to the cost of nasal surgery than the nasal surgeon and they are looking for cheap nasal surgery.

Such individuals should prepare themselves for post-surgery complications because selecting an inappropriate doctor causes a lot of complications.

If a person suffers from dyspnea, nose drooping, dissatisfaction with the nasal form after performing rhinoplasty, he or she must act for a revision nose surgery.




Secondary or revision nose surgery is performed when people have a nasal dysfunction due to their previous operation.

Of course, other things like discomfort with the form of the nose or loss of nose tip are other reasons for repairing nose surgery.

The best Surgeon for revision nose surgery

The secondary rhinoplasty is more complicated, and it is important that the nose surgeon be familiar with rhinoplasty techniques.

Many nasal surgeons refuse to perform this type of nasal surgery due to the complexity of the procedure.

Notable, people who are undergoing rhinoplasty for the first time should be well aware of the consequences they might have because of choosing an inappropriate doctor, so they need a careful choice of nasal plastic surgeon.

For this reason, it is recommended that you carefully investigate before performing nose surgery, and choose a good  nose surgeon to avoid the consequences and reconstructive surgery.

Important points about revision nose surgery

  • You need to wait at least one year to do this surgery.
  • Retouching nose or repairing nose is done according to the diagnosis of the nasal surgeon, and sometimes it does not require anesthesia and nose retouch can be done in the office.
  • This operation is performed when the nasal structure is fully stabilized and the nose is in perfect condition, so do not insist on the time of performing the secondary rhinoplasty.
  • Consult a qualified surgeon for a revision rhinoplasty, because the nose should be examined to determine if it is a good time to perform surgery, or it should be done later.

The cost of revision nose surgery

Revision nasal surgeries are far more costly than primary nasal surgeries since these type of techniques are more complicated and require more time.

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