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Revision rhinoplasty of nose

Revision rhinoplasty of nose

Once you have nose surgery and do not satisfy about the result of your operation, at least wait one year for doing revision or secondary nose surgery. If you want to do rhinoplasty for second time, please consider the following points carefully:( Revision rhinoplasty of nose )

  • Be realistic about your expectation from nose surgeryRevision rhinoplasty of nose
  • Know that the complexities of Rhinoplasty become more and more in each revision surgery.
  • Maybe the framework of your nose is not so strong to bear another operation. In this case you have to wait more or even do not do secondary surgery.
  • There should not be any injured tissue inside the nose or it should be in the most minimum amount.
  • You should not have any kind of nose surgery in the one recent year .in other words one year should be passed from your previous nose operation.
  • If because of any reason you are not satisfied of your previous nose surgery do not want to have another operation very soon.

How dose revision rhinoplasty be done?

Revision rhinoplasty can be done through both open and closed methods. Usually Revision rhinoplasty takes one and half or two hours and on the day of operation patients can return to their home after surgery.

Advantages of doing revision rhinoplasty

Those deficiencies that have not removed in previous surgery or surgeries are removed.

Operational problems which made in previous operation can be removed.

Nose deficiencies that can be removed by revision rhinoplasty

Hump of nose that has not removed properly

Drooping the tip of nose that made because of using inappropriate techniques

Over amount of swells on tip of the nose

Extra shortness of nose

Upward or piggy form of nose

 Why should wait one year for doing revision rhinoplasty?

Beauty (plastic) surgery of nose is a kind of operation that during it nose surgeon impose some changes on the skeleton of nose in order to make the nose to look more beautiful and have better consistency with other parts of face and in general the face looks more beautiful .for this surgery, nose surgeon has to separate skin of nose from its cartilage–boney Skeleton to make the intended changes on the structure of nose .after rhinoplasty ,one year takes that the skin of nose attaches to its under Skeleton completely and the process of revision be completed . During this time the nose has swell and its ultimate shape dose not appeared. Shape of nose after one year almost is the ultimate form of nose.( Revision rhinoplasty of nose )

Do not force your nose surgeon for doing an immediate revision rhinoplasty

One of the problems that nose surgeons face is that many people after their nose surgery immediately express their dissatisfactions and want their nose surgeon to do something before to be too late .this problem dues to lack of giving enough information to patient. People who want to do nose surgery, should be aware that first the nose has swell for two months and it is bigger from its real size so this is unfair to judge the size of nose. After two months if the person does not satisfy about his nose, he should pay to this point that judging a plastic surgery up to one year is not true because skin that recently separated from its Skeleton if sooner than one year separated from its Skeleton again it probably vulnerable to injury and damaging the skin of nose is one of disasters that is irreparable .even for those who have vulnerable and sensitive sprit and see any tiny problem in their nose as an vital and significant one, it is suggested that before six months nose surgeon does not do nose surgery and during this time just by speaking with the patient makes him or her to be relaxed until that six months pass. Any kinds of revision operations before one year should be done with limitation and quite care to avoid making injuries to skin.( Revision rhinoplasty of nose )

Revision operations are done for tiny problems that patients do not accept them. Although main suggestion is that if problems are tiny and insignificance and have detail effect on beauty of person, nose surgeon should resist about the person `s request for doing revision rhinoplasty. The reason is clear. Any revision operation has its own risks and effects and it is possible a tiny problem creates complicated problems and affects both for surgeon and patient`s face and removing them will not be an easy process .if a person does not satisfy from his or her nose after nose surgery completely, and wants to have basic changes, he or she should wait one year. Nose surgeons often face with people who for example two week after their nose surgery, go to another nose surgeon and want immediate rhinoplasty .these people should be invited to be relaxed and explain to them that before one year, no revision operation can be done.( Revision rhinoplasty of nose )

Don not be perfectionist

Another points for people who want to have revision rhinoplasty is that they should avoid perfectionism and do not expect 100 percent result from their nose surgery. History of nose surgery showed that most people who suffer from irreparable effects are those who did revision operation for some times.

It is happen a lot that you see people in media or society that their nose attracts your attention and you like to have such nose in your dreams. But other factors are in place to create such feeling in you. For example maybe that person has a beautiful face and you see all of her beauty just in her nose while if that nose is copied on the usual face of a person it does not attracts your attention .or maybe that person is a famous actor or actress and your mind combines his or her form of nose with his or her popularity and fame and instill special feeling to you. While if his or her nose copied on the face of an anonymous person it does not attract your attention at all .therefore if you want nose surgeon makes a form of special nose for you is out of reality. Besides the person who wants to have revision rhinoplasty he or she should pay to this point that amount of beauty changes are different for each person`s nose. A bony nose with tiny problem on a beautiful face of a famous person has different result from nose operation of fleshy nose of a usual person with usual face and the person does not have unrealistic expectations for nose surgery.( Revision rhinoplasty of nose )

The last point:

Finally it should be said to patients that if almost tiny problems are removed in first surgery and no breathing problems are exist, do not follow their fantasy and dreamy thoughts and do not do revision operations and be not an example of a this proverb , Jump out of the frying pan and into the fire .( Revision rhinoplasty of nose )

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