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Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty ( nose surgery )

What is a Revision Rhinoplasty

Not everybody is always satisfied with the outcome of their nasal surgery. In some Revision Rhinoplastycases, they may even lose their self confidence more than before. If you did not achieve desired final result, you can meet a revision surgery or secondary Rhinoplasty .

Revision or secondary nose surgery is a kind of procedure that review and reconstruction the nose for the second time, weather functionally or cosmetically.

For example, you may have no breathing bother, but you are unhappy with your appearance of your nose, or vice versa, maybe you are totally happy with the shape of your nose, but your breathing is troubling, if so, you need to go for revision or secondary nose job.

Of course, it is notable that, shape and function, are intensely in connection, therefore, correcting nasal function improves the nose aesthetically and vice versa.( Revision Rhinoplasty )

Unfortunately, Secondary nose surgery is more challenging of the original one. So, it is too much important to choose a really proficient, adept and qualified surgeon.

Do not hurry and regarding all aspects, make the best choice. ( Revision Rhinoplasty )

The Procedure of Revision Rhinoplasty

In revision nose surgery, in order to achieve underlying structure ( bone and cartilage ) , some cuts and incisions are made, then, the skin of the nose is lifted, now surgeon man manipulate the structure.

Next step is depends on specific case. Now, surgeon rebuilds and reshape the nose, the place of cartilage may change, or missing structure may alter.

Once the desired goal is attained, the surgeon sutures and stitches incisions.

Secondary rhinoplasty is more challenging than primary nose job, however, it tends to involve less bruising than original rhinoplasty, and patients after this kind of surgery experience less pain.

Discomfort and pain are controllable with pain killer. Splint and sutures usually are removed sixth or seventh day, bruising will disappear and fade after ten days, but it usually lasts a year that swelling fade and disapear fully.

Most of intense and severe activities are forbidden up to two or three weeks, but patients can back to work after a week, and they should avoid bumping and trembling their nose until eight weeks. ( Revision Rhinoplasty )

Like all kind of surgery, revision nose surgery may involve some consequences. Your body may reaction to anaesthesia drug, eclipse, bleeding and infection may happen, and after all, the worst one, you may even need for tertiary rhinoplasty. ( Revision Rhinoplasty )

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