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Rhinoplasty Method

Rhinoplasty Method

Using right and safe rhinoplasty methods is very important to achieve and gain a good result after cosmetic nose surgery.

A good rhinoplasty method should take into account both functional and aesthetic aspect, so choose and adept and skilled surgeon is very important to reach the best result. It is too important that patient’s respiratory process do not get harmed during nose job. Too much narrowing the nose may cause breathing difficulty. It is noticeable issue in fantasy nose surgery.

There are different types of nose and each nose type needs a specific technique of surgery. The thickness of the nose skin and the angle of the nose are two important elements of rhinoplasty method. Noses with thick skin or meaty noses need more effort and are more challenging rather than bony noses.




People are divided into two groups by skin type:

Thin skinned (bony or cartilaginous nose)

Thick skin (meaty or wide nose)

According skin type, rhinoplasty method or nose surgery technique will be different. Working on thin skinned noses is easier and recovery time after surgery is shorter that thick skin nose surgery too.

Patients with thick skin undergo meaty nose surgery and patients with thin skin undergo bony nose surgery. let’s take a look into these two rhinoplasty method:

Meaty Nose Surgery

People with meaty noses usually suffer from width at the tip of their nose, and they usually have big tip nose. These kinds of problems will be solved by meaty nose rhinoplasty.

Bony Nose Surgery

Some people have noses with a bumpy bridge, noses with a hump, noses with deviation. Bumpy nose can be as a result of genetic reason (congenital) or an accident.  These deformity or defects can correct by bony nose job.

Both meaty and bony rhinoplasty methods reshape and reconstruct the structure of the nose in order to harmonize between face and nose.

Open and Closed Rhinoplasty Method

The most important different between open and closed nose surgery is in incision or cut type that surgeon make in columella(thin wall of cartilage between nostrils). Each of these techniques, have their own special advantages and disadvantage.

Your nose surgeon is the right person who can identify which rhinoplasty method is good for you. He or she regards all aspects of you condition, listens to your expectations and decides which method (open or closed) is better for you.

Beside these, you must know, the final result of nose job is almost relative. So you should go for perfection and you have to make your expectations reasonable.

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