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Rhinoplasty of meaty noses

Rhinoplasty of meaty noses ( nose surgery )

First of all a brief explanation about meaty nose and Rhinoplasty of meaty nose are presented. Thick skin and weak cartilages is a simple definition for meaty nose. The reason for having thick skin is that there is too much sebaceous gland in beneath layer of skin that discharges of this gland are spattered over surface skin of nose. In this condition cartilages of nose are weak. In simple terms, usually movable part of nose has cartilage structure that is covered with skin .in this place if strong cartilages are existed can hold the skin firmly and skin also is under control of its beneath cartilages .( Rhinoplasty of meaty noses )

Structure of meaty noses

Any form we give to cartilage, the skin also gets that form .a good example is about the Rhinoplasty of meaty nosescloths that put on models behind shop-windows. We imagine that model is cartilage and the cloth on it is skin. In reality skin is just a deformed tissue which it’s beneath mould (in nose cartilage) gives form to it. So in meaty nose that skin is thick and the cartilages are weak, the first goal is to make the cartilage mould of nose become firm by using the cartilages of nose itself .with this method the unsuitable appearance of nose can be treated, wide tip of nose can be small and also the boney mould of nose can become thinner. You have to pay attention that in Rhinoplasty (nose surgery) it is possible that to make the pyramid of nose to be smaller if it has consistency with other parts of face and does not prohibit normal breathing of person. By treating a meaty nose makes symmetry and suitable consistency between nose and face and these issues can be said to patient in consultation session with nose surgeon one day before nose surgery.

Nose surgeon of meaty nose

You can ask all of your questions regarding beauty operation from your nose surgeon. Skillful surgery of meaty noses means that the cartilage mould of pyramid of nose is strengthen enough and a suitable cartilage base is set for it and in future the nose is not flapped .also size of nose become less in comparison to previous size .and its consistency with other parts of face become better . Remember that for meaty nose more time is needed till its final form appeared.

Advantages of Rhinoplasty of meaty noses

  • Nose has more suitable appearance
  • Symmetry of face become better
  • Quality of life become better
  • Self confidence of person is increased

Good candidates for Rhinoplasty of meaty noses  

It is clear that if a person is unsatisfied of appearance of his or her nose and size of nose is big and does not have consistency, he or she is a good candidate for nose surgery of meaty nose. The best candidates for nose surgery of meaty noses are people who do not smoke and have complete healthy body and sprit. Rhinoplasty of meaty nose for people whose nose growth is not completed is not possible. Usually in women nose surgery can be done from the age of 13 or 14 years and in men in 15 or 16 years which they matured completely. In any way for determining the good candidates for Rhinoplasty of meaty noses a consultation session with nose surgeon is needed. During this session the nose surgeon examines the person`s nose and listens to expectations of patient about result of Rhinoplasty.


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