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Rhinoplasty Procedure Step by Step

Rhinoplasty Procedure Step by Step

Definition of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty Procedure Step by Step : Rhinoplasty is a complex facial surgery that requires extended knowledge of underlying anatomy and art to achieve a natural looking outcome. The aim of rhinoplasty is improving your nose shape regarding your unique characteristic. Important steps of nose surgery (rhinoplasty) are mentioned below:

Step 1- Anesthesia

Anesthesia plays an important role on your comfort and recovery time during and after nose surgical procedure. There is different kind of anesthesia. Local anesthesia, general anesthesia and sedative anesthesia, which is something between local and general anesthesia. According your condition your surgeon suggest you best type of anesthesia .


Rhinoplasty Procedure Step by Step


Step 2- Incision

There are two methods of nose surgery. Open procedure and closed procedure. In open procedure incision is across Columella (tissue)which separates nostrils, and in closed procedure incisions are hidden.(Rhinoplasty Procedure Step by Step)
Through these cuts bone and cartilage are accessible, so reshaping and transforming of nose will be possible.

Step 3- Reshaping

A large nose can get smaller by removing bone or cartilage, but sometimes graft cartilage is necessary.
For this purpose, usually cartilage from septum is used or sometimes, cartilage from the ear or scarcely rib cartilage can be used.
Although reshaping step is long and detailed, but don’t worry, you surgeon use best method for your specific nose structure.

Step 4- Correcting Deviated Septum

In this step bump and projections inside the nose will be reduced and if your septum is deviated , it will be straightened, so your breathing will improve.
Nose play an important role in breathing, but narrow airway tracks decrease breathing, to avoid this problem surgeries amply graft tissue to help and support the structure of the nose long-range.

Step5-Closing the Incision

As soon as nose surgeon have been sculpted the structure of the nose, all the nose surgery methods have been done and desired goal have been attained , nasal skin is rebuilt and incision is sutured.

Step 6-Nasal Packing and Tape

Some surgeon use packing to support the shape of the nose and decrease bleeding and swelling, but some other surgeons believe the septum individually repairs itself, so they scarcely apply packing.
Tape provides additional support to nose and help it to gain its new shape during healing step.(Rhinoplasty Procedure Step by Step)

Step 7-See the Result

After nose surgery (rhinoplasty), you will be awakened from anesthesia. When you awake it is possible to feel very cold ,you may feel depression and start crying or may become nauseated, but do not worry these reactions are normal. Alert a nurse, she or he can help you.
After going home you are not permitted to exercise and sports until your doctor allows you.
When nasal swelling is gone, you will see the result but do not hasty to see the final outcome.





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