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Rhinoplasty surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery

Cosmetic surgery is one of the most publicized surgeries of the face that has been common around the world, especially in Iran, my hometown. With constant new developments, there are very few noses that cannot be improved with surgery.( Rhinoplasty surgery )

Who are the best candidates for nose surgery? Are they just people who have observable problems?

People who have asymmetrical noses such as a hump or bend, or people who have meaty noses with thicker skin. Both candidates can see good results from having nose surgery.

One of the main reasons people decide to have nose surgery can be because of breathing related issues. This can be due to hereditary problems, a deviated septum or an injury. The second common purpose is for aesthetic reasons. A person may feel self-conscious about their personal appearance and having a nose job could give them a boost of confidence.

Which age is best to have nose surgery?

This varies between females and males. Boys can start as young as 17 and girls at 16, provided they are fully examined by the surgeon first.

In elderly people, we can operate on patients in their 60’s so long as they are in good health.( Rhinoplasty surgery )

The type of skin you have will make an impact on your final results.Rhinoplasty surgery

People with thinner skin tend to have a better result than thicker skins. This is because with the thinner skin, you can get more of a refined result rather than the thicker skin patients. Although having thicker skin can also have its advantages!  Some ethnicities tend to have thicker skin on the nose than others so speak to your surgeon to determine which skin type you have.

Choosing your nose surgeon

Finding a suitable surgeon plays a very important role in an individual’s search. Everyone will have a different idea of beauty so make sure you find someone that has good experience whether you need a revision operation, or primary! A skilled surgeon will also have an artistic eye so make sure you express the style of nose you want to your surgeon. Showing photos of the nose you want is a good way to help your surgeon understand your needs. No matter who you choose, it is important that you do your research online and in person before you undergo surgery.

Bony nose surgery

Bony noses have pyramid like structures. Because of the type of skin they have, they are more flexible, therefore, the surgeon can have more movement and typically, you will get a better result.

A good surgeon can solve most problems with a bony nose by surgery. The nose has an overall effect on the face so a good portioned nose can create a great balance to the rest of your features.( Rhinoplasty surgery )


Sideling, Humpy and Roman noses are in the same group as bony noses. The prominence on bony noses are usually the bridge of the nose which is usually raised. The surgeon will lift the skin and the movement will be focused on the bones and cartilage.


The measure of stiffness of skin is important too. Meatier noses tend to have tenser skin which doesn’t always react well to surgery. If you have a meatier nose, you need to search for a good surgeon who specialises in thick skin as the results can sometimes be dissatisfying otherwise.


Meaty nose surgeryRhinoplasty surgery

Most people believe that bony noses will have the most dramatic changes and that meatier noses aren’t so easy to fix. You will need to be realistic about your expectations and not panic! Your surgeon will be honest about the results they can achieve as they are highly skilled and trained. Your surgeon will make sure your new nose is in portion to the rest of your features.

Meatier noses tend to have lipoma in the thicker parts of the nose such as the tip. This type of nose unlike thicker skin, have weaker cartilages that easily go up and down by pressing it.( Rhinoplasty surgery )

Because of this weak structure, candidates think they can’t achieve a good result. The solution for this problem? In this case, the surgeon will reduce the size of the nose before dislocating the cartilages. With this technique, the cartilage is intensified so the surgeon may tell you that you need to keep your bandages on for longer.


Methods of nose surgery

We have two methods;
• Open nose surgery
• Closed nose surgery
some surgeons prefer open surgery but others will prefer closed. The result of the surgery is important for both parties.

The difference between open and closed is that the open method will have an incision in-between your nostrils which allows the surgeon to raise the skin and access all parts of the nose such as bones, cartilage and tissue. The scar from the incision will fade over time but if you are worried about this then bring this up with your surgeon who will give you advice on aftercare to help reduce the scarring.
The advantages of a closed surgery is that it will take a quarter of the time, with slightly less downtime but on the other hand, the interior of the nose will be less visible, thus effecting the final result.

Both options have benefits but this will be assessed by your surgeon prior to your operation.

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