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Rhinoplasty of a Wide Nose

Rhinoplasty of a Wide Nose

Rhinoplasty of a wide nose is very common these days. There are too many different nose types and shapes. Some of noses are bony and narrow, some others are meaty with thick skin, and there are other nose types too.

Totally, nose job or rhinoplasty is a plastic surgery that changes and reconstructs the nose.

It is noteworthy that the nose is in center of the face, so it plays an important role in people appearance. In addition nose shape is very important in self confidence.

Unfortunately, some people are not happy with their nose shape, because they have a wide or meaty nose. So, they are going to have a rhinoplasty to make their nose narrow and improve this imperfection.




Wide nose rhinoplasty is targeted for narrowing nose and making the person’s face more appealing, in order to achieve a defined and smaller nose.

Most of the time, an open nose surgery or rhinoplasty is required for this case, because in open surgery method direct access to the cartilage is possible (by elevating and lifting soft tissue).

When it comes to wide nose there are three possibilities: a broad nose tip in which the tip of the nose is too bulbous, wide and big nostrils, and a broad nasal bridge that the bridge of the nose is too wide and broad.

Rhinoplasty of a Wide Nose

There are many teqniques for three possibilities with wide nasal surgery.

For thinning a broad nasal tip, the cartilage can be thinned and narrowed, and for further definition, cartilage grafts will use to make the nasal tip narrower.

Broad and big nostrils can alter to remove patient’s worry about the shape of their nose. According aesthetic criteria, ideal width of the nostrils is almost the same as the distance between the eyes. Nostril width and flare will be regarded to make the nostrils thinner and narrower.

A common goal of wide nose rhinoplasty is narrowing a broad nasal bridge. This goal can be reached by altering and changing the place of the bones that form the bridge of the nose, and increasing the height of the nose.

Narrowing the nasal bone can be done by osteotomies and bring the bone closer together.


If you have a wide nose, choosing a broad-certified and skilled nose surgeon, and deciding for rhinoplasty of a wide nose, helps you to achieve a more beautiful face and a more appealing nose shape.

Dr. Farshid Mahboubirad




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