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Rhinoplasty or nose surgery is a kind of surgery that its purpose is to reshape the nose and makes it look beautiful but in this surgery apart from beautification of nose its normal function should be preserved.

Before having nose surgery:

Do not eat anything and two weeks before your operation avoid smoking. Also do not take medicines that dilute blood like Aspirin and before operation do the related tests.

What should be done before Rhinoplasty?

If one of the following conditions happen to you have to go to doctor

  • Repeating vomiting and queasiness
  • Fever higher than 38.5
  • Diarrhea
  • Dizziness
  • Sever pain in nose
  • High heart beat or polypnea
  • Asthma
  • High amount of tiny acnes on your body

Some points that you have to pay attention after nose surgery:

  • After nose surgery use one or two pillows to hold your head upper than your bodyRhinoplasty
  • If you feel severe pain , you can take Acetaminophen every 4 or 6 hours
  • Use ice compressor on your cheeks and splint on your nose for 72 hours but do not press the splint. It should be mentioned that the swells are reached to their maximum amount during two days after surgery and it is normal.
  • If you have stress or feel anxiety for one or two days take xanax every 8 hours and do not take any other sleeping pills with this tablet .
  • 4 hours after surgery eat soft and watery food and after the day of operation you can eat usual soft food but do not eat hard food which needs too much movement of jaw.
  • It is possible for 3 or 4 days after surgery, bloody discharges are come out from your nose that is normal and you should change beneath bandage of your nose with sterile gas. If the existed blood is light you have to be serious about it.
  • Do not blow out your nose because it increases the possibility of bleeding and also do not sneeze but if sneeze is necessary, sneeze with open mouth.
  • During first week after nose surgery for taking shower you can ask someone helps you in bathroom and wash your hair and also for washing your hair you can use the method of washing hair in beauty salon.
  • For cleaning the stitches you can use ear pick that is moisten with irrigation serum.
  • For 4 weeks your nose should not be hit.
  • After 3 weeks you can start your sport activities.
  • For 6 months do not expose to severe sunlight
  • For 4 weeks do not wear glass
  • Splint of your nose is removed one week after surgery.

Nose surgery of boney and meaty noses

The most important factor that affects the result of nose surgery is thickness of skin. If a person has thin skin his or her nose has strong bone and cartilages which this kind of nose is called bony nose and Rhinoplasty of this kind of nose has better result, also patients are more satisfy of result of their nose surgery but if a person has thick skin, his or her nose has thin bone and cartilages that this type of nose is called meaty nose. Result of Rhinoplasty for such nose is a little weaker and as a result satisfactions of patients are less as well. Some people have a kind of mixed form of both meaty and bony noses like nose with thick skin that has strong cartilages and also nose with light skin that has light cartilages and etc. so the stronger of cartilages of nose the lighter skin the nose has and therefore reaching better and satisfactory results are more possible.

Cares after Rhinoplasty

  • For relieving pain after nose surgery you can take pain killers.
  • If the beneath bandage of your nose become dirty you have to change it.
  • Usually the splint of your nose is removed one week after nose surgery.
  • For 48 hours hold your head upper than your body in order to reduce swells after surgery.
  • Sneeze with open mouth.
  • During first days after surgery do not bend your head as can as possible, but you can move your head upward or both sides.
  • 24 hours after nose surgery you can take shower but you should avoid wetting your face and head.
  • During first days after nose surgery it is possible that a kind of discharges come out from your nose. they should be removed with handkerchief and you have not to touch your nose.
  • It is better to eat light food during first days after surgery.
  • Places outside the location that is taped can be cleaned with a moisten cotton but the tapes should not be wet.
  • Up to 2 weeks after nose surgery do not take Aspirin and Ibuprofen.

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