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Secondary Nose Surgery

Secondary Nose Surgery

When a person is not satisfied with the result of his or her nose surgery for various reasons, he or she will undergo secondary nose surgery.

The reasons for a person’s need for secondary nose surgery are as follows:

  •     Drooping nose tip
  •     Too small and upstairs nose
  •     Nose asymmetry
  •     Not fixing the hump on the nose
  •     Too small nasal holes and so on.

One of the reasons for these problems is not choosing an adept nose surgeon.

What should be considered in secondary nose surgery?

For secondary nasal surgery, note this point to choose your nose plastic surgeon correctly.

To obtain the optimal result of revision nose surgery, you should wait one year to improve the wound healing of the primary surgery, and then go for surgery.



Have a real view of secondary rhinoplasty and note that with any repetition of the nose job, the complexity of the operation increases.

In some cases, nasal reconstruction requires cartilage and graft transplantation.

How is a secondary nose surgery?

For revision surgery, you can either use an outpatient approach or nose surgery technique, the choice of the rebuild method is determined according to the amount of damage and difficulties of the nose.

If the number of bugs of the nose is low, in this case, the nose surgeon improves its shape with Cortin injections

If the amount of damage to the nose is high, the nose surgeon does revision nasal surgery.

In nose reshaping surgery, nose surgeons can choose one of open nose surgery or closed nose surgery according to his/her skills and experiences.

Post-surgery care of secondary nose surgery are as follows:

  • The patient should regard this point that cares for after nasal surgeries have a significant effect on achieving the ideal result.
  • Take all the medications the surgeon prescribes for you.
  • Avoid going to crowded places that there is a possibility of hitting the nose.
  • Avoid doing heavy physical activity for up to a week.

For more information about Cares after nose surgery, please see the comprehensive article that is available on the website.

In open nose surgery, a small incision is made on columella to remove the skin from the skeleton, but note this. Because of the complexities of secondary nasal surgery, nose surgeons usually use this method for better vision. Also, in open rhinoplasty, cartilage linking and grafting are easier.

But in closed nasal surgeries, there is no shear on columella and all the cuts are inside the nose.

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